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Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. Everything built by humans in the modern world is made possible and supported by electric power. Be it hospitals, factories, data centers, transport infrastructure, or electrical grids, everything requires high-quality power at all times to keep their operations running seamlessly.

However, electrical power is also routinely plagued with surges, sags, electrical noise, harmonics, load fluctuations, and other interferences. In fact, a commercial customer on typical utility power is subjected to these power anomalies daily, and four to fifteen complete outages per year. An invisible and fleeting power disturbance can cause insidious damage to critical IT systems and interruptions in essential enterprise processes. To monitor and stay on top of real-time electrical conditions throughout the power distribution system, organizations must adopt robust power management solutions.

Against this challenging backdrop, where businesses across all sectors are looking for a partner who can help them solve some of the toughest electrical and mechanical power management challenges, Eaton [NYSE: ETN] emerges as a global technology leader in sustainable power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely, and sustainably.

The company’s ultimate objective is to enhance the quality of life and the environment by using power management technologies and services. “At Eaton, we make what matters work. We improve the quality of life for those who experience our high quality products and services. We have the power to make a difference and we do so every day,” says Craig Arnold, chairman and CEO of Eaton.

The story of Eaton’s inception has an inspiring edge to it. It all started with Joseph Eaton in 1911. During a time when transportation was on the brink of dramatic change, Joseph invested in a new idea—the very first gear-driven truck axle. More than 100 years later, though the company has grown significantly, the team remains committed to Eaton’s innovative spirit. Over the years, the company has expanded its expertise, portfolio of products, services, and systems by integrating the competencies of some of the world’s most respected names into Eaton to build the brand that customers can trust to meet their toughest power management challenges.

Optimizing Power Generation and Distribution for Utilities

Managing the power grid has never been more challenging! It’s no longer enough to just provide reliable electrical power. Organizations need smarter solutions to increase the efficiency of their operations. This means upgrading the aging grid, incorporating alternative energy resources, automating utilization, addressing cyber threats, and protecting individuals. Eaton’s innovative products, intelligent power system designs, and experienced engineers help tackle such increasing demands on the power grid.

Eaton’s grid automation system enables businesses to transform, protect, connect, and build an electric power system backbone.

At Eaton, we make what matters work. We improve the quality of life for those who experience our high quality products and services. We have the power to make a difference and we do so every day

The company offers a wide range of products that include Smart apparatus—voltage regulators, capacitors, reclosers, switchgear, smart sensors, and controls—integrated with enterprise-level software and secure communications. These products enable customers to increase productivity, optimize asset efficiency, improve system reliability, and reduce costs.

One of the common problems in the utility space is that every power generation plant manager is under pressure to produce more units— frequently with insufficient staff and legacy equipment. The ever-increasing need to keep generating units up and running along with aging facilities and stringent regulations often lead to increased costs and reduced reliability. According to recent industry studies, by 2035, there will be a need for an additional 250 gigawatts of power in the U.S. alone but environmental regulations have frozen CapEx at many fossil-fuel generating plants.

Eaton addresses these issues by delivering a virtual testing, maintenance, and repair program with highly scalable staff and resources. The company also has life extension solutions on the one end that keep customers’ existing equipment up and running. On the other end, switching, control, and monitoring solutions enable safe and effective power generation— helping customers protect their people and processes. The firm’s primary focus is to provide the most reliable products and services to help customers manage system control, drive efficiencies, and improve safety.

Modernizing Power Management

When it comes to transmission and distribution, several hurdles hinder the smooth operation, such as unpredictable weather events, an aging grid, ever-changing technology, and cyberattacks, to name a few. Eaton’s products and services are specifically designed to automate, protect, and optimize electrical systems against the challenging demands of a modern, digitized electrical grid. The company proactively focuses on rapidly changing technology, which allows them to drift away from an aging grid to an effective and completely modernized grid. Eaton taps on the power of data and analytics to transform customers’ business and lay the groundwork for the smart grid of tomorrow. Furthermore, the firm helps customers meet global requirements for overhead and underground power distribution with products and expertise that span medium voltage standard and arc-resistant switchgear to smart monitoring and control solutions.

Besides, Eaton embraces the internet of things (IoT) and leverages it to rethink innovation. The company is taking Industry 4.0 head-on by investing in its people and technologies to market the digital innovations that positively impact customers’ products, processes, and bottom line.
"We strive to develop a communications platform approach that is open, scalable, and secure—transforming the way systems, things, people, and processes interact with one another"

Eaton supports a critical ecosystem that keeps all the power distribution systems connected to the things that matter—from online shopping to industrial manufacturing. IoT-enabled devices can be leveraged to make smarter business decisions. The company has integrated its products with sensors and sensing technologies to dissect the power’s fundamental makeup—whether it’s electrical power, fluid power, or mechanical power. The company’s IoT-based products allow users to transform raw data into actionable insights while helping them reduce the total cost of ownership, drive efficiency, and maximize uptime. Eaton also uses digital models or ‘digital twins’ to imitate physical assets in the real world, which allows them to rapidly design, build, and test solutions virtually before committing to significant capital investments. “We strive to develop a communications platform approach that is open, scalable, and secure— transforming the way systems, things, people, and processes interact with one another,” states Arnold.

Protecting Grid from Security Breach

The world is digitized, networked, and connected. While the modern technologies may provide many benefits, they can also make organizations susceptible to attack. A security breach can result in operational downtime, data loss as well as impact safety, lifecycle costs, and business reputation—all of which can have serious impacts on customer loyalty and bottom line. Therefore, resilience against cyber-attacks is critical. Eaton has placed cybersecurity at the core of its ‘secure by design’ philosophy and embedded it in all of its intelligent power products and platforms. The company’s secure development approach helps them manage cybersecurity risks in their products throughout the entire product life cycle—from threat modeling, requirements analysis implementation, and verification to ongoing maintenance.

For years now, Eaton has maintained strict procedures at every stage of the product development process. This discipline has paved the way for collaboration with renowned standards leader, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), to establish measurable cybersecurity criteria for network-connected power management products and systems.

Making Power Safe, Reliable, and Efficient

Today, Eaton has over 92,000 employees and is serving clients in more than 175 countries. The company is also a recipient of several accolades from leading businesses across the globe. Recently, Eaton was recognized as one of 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing ethical business practices standards. “It’s a privilege to have once again been named one of the world’s most ethical companies,” states Arnold. “This recognition reflects the commitment of our employees who serve all our stakeholders with uncompromising integrity and dedication to our mission to improve the quality of life and the environment.”

The company is continually developing more solutions powered by innovative technologies capable of disrupting the entire utility space. With their continuous effort in delivering solutions that will drive digitalization in the utility industry, Eaton is transforming the utility sector like never before.


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Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO

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