eazyScripts: Upping the e-Prescription Game

Reed Liggin, CEO
Reed Liggin, CEO of eazyScripts, recalls his experiences with the ambiguous handwritten prescription in the late nineties when he started his career as a pharmacist. Although the term e-Prescribing was gradually catching on, its application was limited to just printing the prescriptions or faxing them. In later years, when technology started to evolve at a breakneck speed, e-Prescribing emerged as an essential tech-driven ingredient that healthcare providers deemed necessary. Today, despite its widespread adoption, only one-third of prescriptions are sent electronically. The reason behind this is the lack of easy to use and fast software in the healthcare IT market. After spearheading many entrepreneurial ventures in various segments of healthcare IT, Liggin wanted to build a solution that drives the adoption of e-Prescribing to the next level. The cornerstone of eazyScripts was laid by Dr. Todd Occomy and Gule Sheikh wherein they designed a next-gen e-Prescribing solution that is quick and offers an intuitive experience for enhanced patient care.

Intrinsically designed to be quick paced, eazyScripts’ solution enables widespread adoption of e-Prescribing. “A new prescription can be written from scratch in less than 20 seconds and providers can take advantage of our order sets and favorite features to prescribe in less than 10 seconds,” Liggin remarks. eazyScripts bestows users with an intuitive and simple user interface that doesn’t demand new skills to get accustomed to it. Built and bred in a cloud environment, eazyScripts’ solutions have the adaptability to operate anytime, anywhere, and on any device. While the solution can work seamlessly on any HTML environment, there are android and iOS based mobile apps as well to facilitate the process of e-Prescribing. The prime objective of an e-Prescription is to corroborate decision making so that errors are minimal and downstream work is prevented. To that end, eazyScript’s solution ingrains drug interaction screening, pricing transparency and formulary and benefit information, among others.

The diverse feature-set of eazyScripts’ solution translates to greater customer satisfaction and better compliance.

A new prescription can be written from scratch in less than 20 seconds

Even the additional benefits that eazyScripts’ solutions bring to the fore such as non-contraindication with the patient’s current medication and visibility into health plan coverage are perks that don’t come with non-electronic prescribing methods. “These vital metrics aren’t assured with non-electronic methods of prescribing, and that’s what makes improving adoption of e-Prescribing so vital,” adds Liggin. Owing to its multifarious feature-set, eazyScripts’ solutions made their presence felt primarily in the Telemedicine space.

Highlighting a case study, Liggin states that one of their telemedicine vendors experienced a sudden surge in the patient count and they were struggling with their legacy e-Prescribing solution that was very slow. After adopting eazyScripts’ e-Prescribing solution, the firm was able to increase their efficiency and achieve greater profitability.

Additionally, eazyScripts’ solution provides physicians with access to prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP), an initiative to curb prescription opioids. It is observed that U.S. states that have implemented PDMPs have fewer opioid related death tolls. eazyScripts strengthens the pledge to eliminate the menace of opioid deaths, a phenomenon that has plagued the U.S. society for a long time.

With a next-gen approach to solving the intricate challenges of e-Prescribing, eazyScripts envisions to improve the overall user experience. “We are still a young company, however, the growth that we have achieved is phenomenal and the anecdotal data is fantastic. Our prime objective is to move towards universal adoption of e-Prescribing solutions and improve patient care as a result,” Liggin concludes.


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Reed Liggin, CEO

Provider of cloud based e-Prescribing solutions