eb Logix: Customized Networking for Enhanced Productivity

Courtney J. Briddes, VP of Operations
When it comes to the voice and data networks, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all; the demands of businesses vary from one company to another, propelling the need for specialized networking solutions. Steering ahead in meeting this challenge is eb Logix, an IT consultancy firm that designs customized networking solutions which are secure, reliable and just right for the needs of the businesses. The company offers a depth and breadth of services to its customers. Whether they are interested in desktop/server automation through Managed Services, connecting multiple sites, accessing applications (SaaS), servers (IaaS) at the company’s hybrid cloud hosting facility or simply want to connect to their office remotely, eb Logix provides the expertise, technology and planning to accomplish customers’ goal.

Through the partnerships and internal investment in technology, eb Logix leverages best of breed technologies as well as its years of experience to develop Managed Service solutions that both fit the customer requirements and reduce the impact to their bottom line. “Because we partner with our customers, we develop an intrinsic understanding of their bottom line and spending capacity,” remarks Courtney J. Briddes, VP of Operations, eb Logix. The company uses a multi-layered strategy to get the client where they need to be and do it efficiently through its MSP model and strong PM experience. “It’s not always easy to deliver a new service solution ‘on the cheap’ but we can deliver that solution as efficiently as possible which allows the customer to see a shorter ROI.”

As it aspires to stand apart from its competitors, eb Logix is set out to resolve the telling challenge of providing network security in an “always on” world. The company secures the on-premises, cloud based, hosted solutions on nearly any device imaginable “eb Logix is committed to providing bandwidth, security, flexibility and a hardware agnostic interface to all the services and solutions which the customers demand,” states Courtney.

The evidence for eb Logix’s excellent services can be comprehended by looking at its role in helping a real estate investment firm grow to fourteen office locations without an internal IT staff.

Because we partner with our customers, we develop an intrinsic understanding of their bottom line and spending capacity

Working as an integral part of the firm’s team, eb Logix played a key role in providing security, connectivity and individualized services based on the unique requirements of each location of the company, offering every solution in our portfolio ranging from Managed Services, hosting, cloud file sharing, Office 365, site-to-site connectivity. It scaled its Managed Services and infrastructure automation solutions to perform the work of two to three full time IT employees across multiple locations.

eb Logix’s imposing stature in IT services is built by a strong team culture based on honesty, integrity, character, and business ethics. Client relationship constitutes the heart of eb Logix’s operation; every employee at eb Logix shares an unyielding commitment to deliver expert solutions together with exceptional customer service. “eb Logix’s culture is ’team’ first. When one of us struggles, all of us struggle. It ties directly to our efficiencies when delivering a solution,” states Courtney.

Although eb Logix is seventeen years old, it buzzes with defining plans for the future. It plans on expanding its virtualization platform. By combining its colocation services with virtualization and cloud services, the company is aiming to gain a greater foot print for its solution delivery. It also intends on focusing its energy on delivering a Single Sign-On within the MSP model, attempting to bring administrative relief to the customers. eb Logix is focused on leveraging its managed services platform and IT automation, continuing to deliver top notch infrastructure support and services.

eb Logix

Pottstown, PA

Courtney J. Briddes, VP of Operations

An IT consultancy firm providing customized Managed Services and networking infrastructure to enterprises

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