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Jed Meyer, Managing Director, North America
Jed Meyer, the managing director-North America of Ebiquity, was enjoying his time at the company’s London HQ when I called in to interview him. “I have picked a good week to be here. It is a nice 70 degrees and lovely out here,” he laughs. Meyer is a no-frills person. He has served as a Director, Brand Measurement at Google, where he spearheaded cross-functional efforts to grow the company’s revenue by driving brand and video measurement through client partnerships; a good reason for Ebiquity to rope him in to further cement the company’s role as a highly respected and trusted independent advisor to leading CMOs. “Our ambition at Ebiquity is to be the left brain of the CMO; to help them to bring science into a practice that has been all about art,” he says. In the company’s efforts to do so, Google’s marketing platform has been a key component and has allowed them to harness the power of data analytics. By helping clients to work across martech solutions, Ebiquity allows them to deploy the marketing strategies effectively and derive more value. “As the industry grows in its complexity, so does the need for independent advice and trusted measurement. As brands look to maximize the impact of their investments, Ebiquity helps them fulfill that goal,” mentions Meyer.

As an authorized Google Analytics Certified expert, Ebiquity has assisted many large brands to leverage Google Analytics programs in advanced marketing implementation optimization and strategy. Endorsed by Google to provide support for GA Standard and GA 360 services, Ebiquity is a premier Google Marketing Platform partner. Advising brands since 2002, the company’s experience with building world-class analytics programs, combined with the powerful and flexible features of Google Analytics, can help clients take their marketing strategies to the next level.

At its core, Ebiquity is a leading independent marketing and media analytics consultancy which thinks from the client’s perspective to address their marketing predicaments. “I always like to remind my team that the most important thing is to solve the client’s issues, helping them win. Nothing else matters,” states Meyer.

Our ambition at Ebiquity is to be the left brain of the CMO; to help them to bring science into a practice that has been all about art

Ebiquity functions as their clients’ extended marketing & technical support arm by creating clarity for in an ever-evolving marketing landscape and delivering greater performance and accountability throughout their marketing investments. The company applies advanced analytical techniques to attribute and forecast measurable KPIs to optimize future investment in both traditional and digital media channels and improve ROIs. Ebiquity’s analytics and modeling enable brands to have a holistic view of the drivers of brand performance—both short- and long-term.

Another expertise that defines Ebiquity is its digitization strategies through which clients can deliver better, more personalized customer experiences across all digital touchpoints, including both digital media and owned digital assets. “We do this by enabling you to select and implement the best advertising, marketing, and data management technology,” adds Meyer. Further, Ebiquity also assists clients in understanding the data ownership and compliance landscape. “It’s worth remembering that GDPR is about more than just compliance. This is a great opportunity to build a robust relationship with customers. We can help brands in showing that they are protective and respectful of their data and that they are treating it carefully and thoughtfully,” adds Meyer. With its optimum focus on driving digitization and data privacy, Ebiquity has truly carved a unique for itself in the marketing space. In the near future, the company will focus on delivering customized digital strategies to its clients while answering the question of privacy and insourcing in the process. “Today, clients are asking us questions about insourcing, and where should a particular capability be placed, and we will help them build customized solutions depending on their requirements,” concludes Meyer.

Ebiquity plc

London, UK

Jed Meyer, Managing Director, North America

Ebiquity plc is a leading independent marketing and media analytics consultancy. The company partners with the world’s biggest brands—including 70 of the world’s top 100 advertisers—to drive the performance of their marketing investments through greater accountability, powerful analytics and deep expertise and advice. As authorized Google Analytics Certified experts, the company has assisted some of the world's largest brands with their Google Analytics programs through its expertise in advanced implementation, optimization, and strategy. Endorsed by Google to provide support for GA Standard and GA 360 services, the company is a premier Google Marketing Platform partner

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