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Richard Lynders, Managing Director The disruptive trends in the IT landscape today—such as the explosion in mobile apps, migration to the cloud or big data’s pivotal role—calls for digital leadership and solutions that accelerate the business transformation underway,” says Richard Lynders, Managing Director, eBlueprint. As thought leaders in technology and business consulting services, eBlueprint empowers the CIOs in building agile and flexible organizations that are in tune with these new realities. The firm’s deep multi-industry knowledge and experience maximizes return on investment for their clients by offering new opportunities that utilize disruptive technologies to guide customers onto the right path and investments.

The Melbourne-based eBlueprint considers customer success as its first priority, equipping their clients with appropriate solutions in response to their current and future business and IT needs. eBlueprint’s adoption of this philosophy, bears testimony to the firm’s proven track record of helping companies across industry segments and geographies to achieve their utmost potential through optimized IT investments. Backed by a team of consultants with an extensive list of certifications, and certified trainers in a host of IBM technologies, eBlueprint’s high value consultancy offerings have helped grow its customer base throughout Australia, the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

The IBM Advantage

Citing one of the key elements of the company’s success to be the long-standing, strong and dynamic partnership with IBM, Lynders emphatically points out the collective strength that creates a symbiosis allowing customers to derive the best from both worlds. While IBM provides the most robust, cutting edge and high performance enterprise products and services on the market, “our sensitiveness in understanding the most intrinsic business needs of our customers, helps in equipping them with the best of IBM’s products and services that augment their core businesses,” explains Lynders.

Established in 2002, eBlueprint’s vast solutions portfolio is designed to respond to the customer’s current and future IT needs and is uniquely tailored to cater to the requirements of an organization or team. eBlueprint elicits exceptional business outcomes through its six distinct offer groups such as Customer Experience, Mobility and Social Business; B2B Integration; Business Process Management; Managed Licensing; Managed Services and Industry Solutions.

Elaborating on the first set of offerings, Lynders draws attention to the current digital disruption brought on by big data, insights, and social capabilities, driving accelerated change and opportunities. He attributes ‘Collaboration’ to be the key in bringing relevant people together with context providing the ability to deliver exponentially better solutions in a more agile and rapid timeframe. “Through our Customer Experience, Mobility and Social Business offers, our clients can better engage with customers and employees across multiple channels. We achieve this through the delivery of branded and personalized solutions, which provide collaboration, rich content and applications, mobile capabilities, thought leadership and strategic direction that drives real and measureable benefits for our clients,” says Lynders.

Towards driving business efficiency and client/partner engagement, eBlueprint’s B2B & Integration solutions improve the visibility and accessibility of business critical information and facilitate seamless transactions. With an experienced innate team of B2B and Integration experts charting successful implementations in the Southern Hemisphere, eBlueprint’s deep-knowledge in AS4 facilitates easy integration of a customer’s internal services with external partners.

Our sensitiveness in understanding the most intrinsic business needs of our customers, helps in equipping them with the best of IBM’s products and services that augment their core businesses

With AS4 being increasingly adopted by governments to standardize the delivery of services, eBlueprint undertakes complex integration projects for large government and commercial clients with proven success.

As an IBM premier business partner for more than a decade, eBlueprint’s in-depth experience in leveraging IBM’s technologies is creating notable case studies and achieving results worthy of industry awards. eBlueprint has been closely associated with the SuperStream initiative—a comprehensive package of reforms designed by the Australian Federal Government to enhance the exchanges of information between the government and Superannuation companies. As part of the SuperStream Reform, the Australian federal government agency responsible for revenue and taxation collection was tasked with the provisioning of services that were compliant with the AS4 protocol–a relatively new interoperability protocol for B2B Integrations. With no commercial product in the market place to support AS4, eBlueprint, in conjunction with IBM, facilitated workshops with various stakeholders to determine the technical requirements for a solution that supported AS4. eBlueprint designed the first of its kind - B2B AS4 solutions using IBM B2B Advanced Communications and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. “Our solution revolutionized the government’s data transfer capabilities, facilitating trading partners to exchange an unprecedented amount of data while still maintaining the government’s strict requirements for auditing, security and performance,” states Lynders.

Expansive Capabilities

Alongside successfully delivering solutions for Federal and State Government Departments, eBlueprint’s clientele span from banking and finance, to telecommunications, insurance, retail, manufacturing, transportation and pharmaceuticals industries. The extensive list of clients has helped the firm in understanding the diversity of best practices across industries to customize ITsolutions. “Our solution portfolio under the Industry Solutions banner represents our offerings based on industries as opposed to technologies,” says Lynders. The solutions range from Enterprise Marketing Management, Digital Analytics, Digital Commerce, Security Systems and Enterprise Content.

Given today’s disruptive trends where employees need to have access to critical information everywhere, at any time and from any device, Enterprise Content Management solutions have gained a crucial role by increasing efficiency and productivity. eBlueprint is at the cutting edge of Enterprise Content Management having delivered many complex IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, using IBM WebSphere Business Process Manager and IBM Case Manager. Adjudged as a leading IBM FileNet ECM Solutions provider, eBlueprint was bestowed with the IBM Business Partner Enterprise Content Management Award, in 2013.

Driving significant improvements and allowing organizations to respond to market demands quickly is offered through eBlueprint’s Business Process Management solutions, which improve the design and flow of processes across departments, people and organizational capabilities.
eBlueprint simplifies the complexity of managing licenses and complex operating environments, through its Managed Licensing and Managed Services, allowing companies to improve efficiency, maximize return of investment and become more competitive. “Through our Enterprise Application Management Services across a wide range of IBM Technologies, we provide thought leadership to our customers and ensure that they benefit the most out of their IT investments,” adds Lynders. The purview encompasses various types of solutions, such as Application Support, Continuous Improvement, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Incident, Problem and Change Management or simply Monitoring in response to the customer’s end-to-end needs. “Our focus is to deliver our customers an exceptional experience, utilizing our high valued consulting capabilities as opposed to outsourcing and cost cutting measures,” states Lynders.

Health, Fitness and Beyond

Away from work, Lynders has been on a transformative journey where he has vowed to keep himself fit and healthy and that philosophy is reflected in the holistic work-life balance practiced at eBlueprint. The firm has an all-encompassing culture with innovation and people at the center delivering solutions and services to their utmost potential. Continuing on the same thread, eBlueprint is foraying into the emerging Intelligent Health and Fitness market, with extensive research and investment in cognitive research, big-data, internet-of-things, mobilization and wearables. Currently the research and development teams at eBlueprint are implementing a Digital Health and Fitness platform utilizing IBM Watson’s cognitive computing (machine learning) capabilities, towards providing intelligent Health & Fitness prediction, insight and analytics to the community. Lynders mentions, “This exciting innovation will assist in maintaining better overall health that goes well beyond current step counting fitness trackers with the potential to provide significant commercial implementation in the future.”

“Our B2B AS4 solutions revolutionized the government’s data transfer capabilities, facilitating trading partners to exchange an unprecedented amount of data”

En route to developing SaaS based offerings, eBlueprint breaks away from the “one size fits all” philosophy to truly embrace a customer-centric approach that provides the best fit solution. “The powerful synergies created between eBlueprint and IBM, coupled with our key differentiators—our multi-industry and worldwide experience—has allowed us to grow and achieve remarkable success in the Asia-Pacific region. This has helped us to build exceptional relationships with our partners and clients, adding true value in all the projects we touch,” says Lynders.

However, the successful proven track record is just the beginning of the journey ahead for eBlueprint. Expanding into new geographies and pursuing business diversification, eBlueprint is moving beyond the frontiers to the European and American market with future-proof B2B Integration solutions. “This will, for the first time, bring forth the exceptional knowledge, experience and best practices used in the Asia-Pacific region to these fields,” adds Lynders.

Driven by innovation, eBlueprint designs flexible disruptive solutions that surpass clients’ expectations. “Our customer-centric solutions are delivered in shorter timeframes, leading our clients to faster implementations, higher return on investments and impressive levels of effectiveness and competitiveness,” affirms Lynders.


Melbourne, Australia

Richard Lynders, Managing Director

Specialises in developing and delivering collaborative IT and business consulting services underpinned by industry leading IBM technologies