eBridge Connections: The Gateway to Simpler Selling

The “business of selling” has grown more complicated with the digital revolution that has taken place over the past two decades. High order volumes often come with a lot of related documents, and data spread across disparate business systems. For over two decades, eBridge has been making the ‘business of selling’ simpler, making it easier for clients to sell their products on more platforms and in more places, without feeling overwhelmed by high order volumes. “What makes us different is that clients can ‘plug-in’ the business systems they’re using to our platform and configure to whatever format needed by their other business systems through our pre-built connectors that we manage and maintain in-house,” says Colin Brown, Founder and CEO. “No programming, no coding, just easily configured business rules.”

eBridge has developed a universal integration solution that allows data to flow to and from disparate business systems. This is made possible through eBridge’s hundreds of system “connectors” such as Epicor, Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and Salesforce to name a few. With this user-friendly system, clients can simply add or remove connectors as needed and pick the data flows or ‘touch points’—orders, inventory levels, and tracking numbers, they require. “We have over 5000 live touch points running right now,” states Brown.

Elaborating on their long term partnership with Epicor, Lindsay Hampson, Senior Marketing Manager, eBridge Connections says, “Because of eBridge’s universal integration platform, it’s easy for an organization to connect Epicor with their other business applications such as eCommerce platforms, CRMs and retail trading partners.” The platform offers bi-directional and fully automated data integration between Epicor and other business systems, plus access to view live status in one dashboard. “The integration platform’s business rules engine allows the customer to post any type of information and put it in any of the target applications and vice versa including user defined fields,” says Lindsay. “Additionally, if the data does not exist in Epicor or in the target application, we can augment the data with our own translation tables. For instance, if a web store is buying a certain item from an Epicor customer under a different name, then we can translate that in Epicor.”

With more than 600 customers, and 23 years in the business, eBridge offers full end-to-end support for their solution and unlimited 24/7 access to a North American-based in-house support team.

In addition, eBridge does not charge by transaction volume. Instead, they have a flat rate starting price of $1,000 per year for each touch point plus set-up.

In an implementation highlight, one eBridge client sold their product through drop shipping to more than 70 different trading partners. They needed an integration solution provider that could handle high volumes of document exchange. eBridge set the client up with an automated solution for their first few trading partners, and then allowed the client to duplicate the process and write their own maps for 70+ more trading partners. The client was able to drastically improve the speed of their data exchange and accuracy alongside the opportunity to improve their trading partner relationships and gain efficiencies within their supply chain.

It’s our goal to make it easier for sellers to grow their businesses with a solution that will do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for them

eBridge is working toward evolving their platform to a more hands-on, do-it-yourself solution that their customers can implement on their own. They are also moving toward a revenue sharing approach with their partnerships. Lauren Macdonald, Marketing Coordinator at eBridge, sums it up nicely, “It’s our goal to make it easier and more efficient for sellers to grow their businesses and sell in more places with a solution that will do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for them.”

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