EBSCO Information Services: Maximizing the Search Experience for Researchers and Other Users

CIO VendorTim Collins, President
One of the major pain points that researchers face, regardless of whether they are in the Academic, Corporate, Government, Medical, or Public Library markets, is the need to search multiple different sources to ensure they have uncovered all relevant information. “Researchers need a solution that can provide seamless access to vetted, premium content from multiple sources with a single search,” says Tim Collins, President, EBSCO Information Services. The company serves the needs of all researchers, combining personalized service with leading-edge technology for easy searching of journals, e-journals, e-packages, e-books, databases and other research content, saving them time and ensuring they uncover the most relevant information available.

EBSCO offers the most comprehensive collections of information sources, and is one of the largest global aggregators of journal and magazine content. For years the company has been licensing full-text content, indexing and abstracting a myriad of sources, creating databases, loading third-party databases, and building up the most expansive full-text collections available. They also offer the most powerful discovery service and management resources that enable access to an institution or corporation’s entire content collection from a single search.

“We offer products for many different markets, including universities, corporations, government institutions, hospitals, public libraries and more,” remarks Collins. “The common thread across EBSCO’s offerings is information—organized, easy to access, vetted, premium content that advances research and learning.”

EBSCO offers hundreds of databases that include the full text from thousands of journals and magazines as well as hundreds of specialized indexes from leading publishers.
They also offer more than 650,000 e-books, plus subscription management services for 360,000 e-journals, e-journal packages and print journals. In 2010, EBSCO introduced EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS), the robust research platform that provides streamlined access to all of an institution’s information resources through a single search box.

University of Virginia, one of the top research academic institutions in the country, recently migrated from another discover solution to the EDS through the EDS API for better search retrieval as well as customer support. By implementing the EDS API with the libraries’ Blacklight open source interface, University of Virginia is able to use its own website applications for a discovery user interface and still provide users with all the functionality offered in EBSCO Discovery Service. With superior relevance ranking that quickly surfaces pertinent search results and a robust API that integrates with the libraries’ Blacklight-driven interface, EDS has given librarians at University of Virginia a more reliable research tool to offer students and faculty.

The common thread across EBSCO’s offerings is information—organized, easy to access, vetted, premium content that advances research and learning

EBSCO strives to instill a commitment to sound business fundamentals while fostering a culture of new entrepreneurship where new ideas are tested on a regular basis. “We aspire to be factbased in our decision making, yet willing to think outside the box and experiment. We follow basic principles including insisting on quality, and foster creativity and continuous improvement while always maintaining a bias for action,” concludes Collins.

EBSCO Information Services

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Provides a complete and optimized research solution comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals.