EC Wise, Inc: Virtual Business Intelligence Driving Business Success

Jack Hakim, CEO
Automation, artificial intelligence, new security capabilities, and service infrastructures, such as Oracle’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are changing the options for CIOs. “These CIOs today are warming to hybrid cloud technologies, which allows them to keep their key data and management on-premise, while still getting the advantages of a cloud solution,” explains Jack Hakim, CEO, EC Wise Solutions. “Focused on building hybrid cloud platforms using Amazon and Oracle’s IaaS, we use and deploy Oracle Engineered systems for various database and analytic workloads,” notes Hakim.

For small and midsized customers, EC Wise offers low cost Oracle Data Appliances (ODAs). Enabling its clients to experience great success in time to market, cost efficiencies, and high performance, ODA provides on-premise virtual private cloud to support decision systems, data warehouses, or entire solution stacks “in a box” that clients require.

Based in San Rafael, CA, EC Wise being a Platinum Oracle partner is an independent software vendor (ISV) embedding Oracle technology into its products. As a Java and Oracle consultancy, the company provides a full suite of services and solutions pertaining to Virtual business intelligence, data mining, secure enterprise architecture, object oriented design, and development and several other offerings. “The Oracle based systems that scale in the cloud also provide highly scalable on-premise Oracle solutions; they enabled us to build one of the largest print, remit and ePresentment systems in the U.S.,” articulates Hakim.

Most Oracle partners are not full stack development partners; they do not support the business, platform application, and security sides. EC Wise’s uniqueness lies in collaborating with its customers to provide strategic solutions. “We work with regulated industries where standards and security are essential. The stack includes cyber automation tools and devices, which economically deploy solutions that are sufficiently layered and secured,” explains Hakim. The company’s deep machine learning capabilities are used in its decision hubs that can also be used in profiling appropriate behavior.

“We have a track record using agile to create mission critical secure products and platforms that can learn and improve their decision making capabilities based on feedback and growing data,” says Hakim.

Focused at building hybrid cloud platforms using Amazon and Oracle’s IaaS, we use and deploy Oracle Engineered systems for various database and analytic workloads

“Being a global company we have active customers in the U.S., China, Peru amongst other nations,” Hakim adds. Customer’s interest behind working with EC Wise is based on the firm’s capability to help their global partners refine their business ideas, product and infrastructure road maps, and customer targeting.

EC Wise’s engagement model for better collaboration and partnership with its customers seems to be one of its most appreciated differentiator to the CIOs today. By partnering in a very transparent collaborative way, EC Wise’s tool chain has the capability to quickly create quality production, secure large scale systems can be built with deliveries every two weeks.

Having a Value focused corporate culture, EC Wise’s team members measure and track their actions in terms of business value created. “Understanding both success criteria and Total cost of ownership (TCO) guide us on how to create value by solving business challenges using technology,” elaborates Hakim. To keep the cost low and the quality and speed of development high, EC Wise leverage automation in testing automation tools, frameworks to efficiently provide audited and verifiably secure and performant code.

EC Wise invests in continual improvement and learning such as in speaking and attending conferences, building custom training for internal teams, and updating themselves with industry leading experts. “Experimenting internally we adopt new technologies with proven processes and test beds, to validate reliability, security, and scalability, so we can roll it into customer projects when required,” concludes Hakim.

EC Wise, Inc

San Rafael, CA

Jack Hakim, CEO

Provider of full suite of services and solutions in Virtual business intelligence, data mining, enterprise architecture, object oriented design, and development