ECENTA: Optimizing Customer Engagement and Commerce Strategies

Dr. Thorsten Wewers, Founder, and Board Member
Back in 2000, many companies were struggling with their customer relationship management and gave inconsistent impressions to their customers in the way they interacted with them in marketing, sales, or after-sales service,” recalls Dr. Thorsten Wewers, Founder and Board Member, ECENTA. The result of the norm was that most of those companies were inconspicuous of their customers’ needs and businesses. “That was the time when CRM software products hit the market, and my prior experience with SAP CRM drove me to lay the groundwork of ECENTA,” says Dr. Wewers. ECENTA harnessing its more than a decade’s experience of deploying customer-centric SAP solutions for sales, service, and marketing has chartered a niche in the CRM industry as a consulting firm that designs and builds SAP CEC strategies and solutions.

“Today, there is a high pressure to integrate demands of customers with mobile and web-based solutions, real-time contextual marketing, Internet of Things, and big data analytics, while simplifying their underlying infrastructure. CIOs are driven to accomplish these tasks with limited budget, resources, and skills,” says Dr. Wewers. ECENTA is implementing SAP’s Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) platform that caters to this need by providing relevant customer information and supporting customer touch points and processes throughout the customers’ journey. “This is the space we are playing in, in association with SAP,” adds Dr. Wewers.

Additionally, ECENTA defines tailored architectures for customers’ special cases—with SAP CRM on-premise, with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing, or with a hybrid solution with on-premise and cloud components. “In the CEC journey, we help firms to hide the traditional boundaries between their company’s departments,” says Dr. Wewers. This journey starts with SAP Hybris Marketing that enables organizations to target individual customers using technologies such as big data or enrichment of customer profiles through a variety of sources.

We are an entity that can “read” SAP for our customers

SAP Hybris Commerce allows firms to engage with prospect customers, stay in-touch with them by offering product upgrades or cross sales, or by solving customer issues. The journey does not stop here: SAP Cloud for Customer evaluates negative feedback in Social Media, allowing firms to instantly contact their customers through any channel and solve their problems.

“While this depicts more a B2C picture, similar scenarios are possible also in B2B settings,” says Dr. Wewers. In B2B settings, the integration with the firm’s logistics and financials backend is of utmost importance. SAP offers on-premise or cloud-based tools in order to set up these integrated scenarios.

“We are an entity that can “read” SAP for our customers,” asserts Dr. Wewers. For instance, a Canadian NHL Hockey Team was looking for means to acquire new ice hockey fans, bind and support them throughout the hockey seasons. ECENTA provided them a solution based on SAP Hybris Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing. As a result, the Canucks are now gaining more information about their fans to integrate them into their activities and campaigns.

In the last one year, ECENTA has added few more solutions like the own developed B2B Service Portal based on SAP Hybris Commerce and a solution that integrates SAP ECC CS (Customer Service) and SAP Cloud for Customer to its portfolio. “Our evolution as a company is happening on two Levels: ‘tactical’ level in the form of Customer projects and ‘strategic’ level, when we derive something while working with SAP development and product management. This is what impacts ECENTA and our clients in the next five years. And, believe me, what’s coming there is really exciting,” concludes Dr. Wewers.


Dallas, TX

Dr. Thorsten Wewers, Founder, and Board Member

Designs and builds SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce strategies and solutions