eCGlobal Solutions: Marketing and Consumer Experiences Delivered via Cloud

Adriana Rocha, Co-founder and CEO
With a vision to curb the complexities that come along with traditional methodologies in gathering consumer insights, customer feedbacks, and marketing research data, eCGlobal Solutions connects brands and consumers to understand consumer behavior. “With the accelerated growth of social and mobile technologies, people are losing interest to participate in question-based long surveys,” says Adriana Rocha, Co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions. In this light, eCGlobal, with its extensive experience in marketing, media, and market research has built technology to help clients fill the “intimacy gap” between the enterprises and its customers. “Our mission is to facilitate collaborative experiences among businesses and consumers, empowering each party to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships, and engage with one another as partners rather than as targets, data sets, and profiles.”

The company firmly believes in delivering user experiences by the development of online communities, social and mobile apps that enable brands to ask, observe, co-create, and interact with consumers in real-time. eCGlobal provides MRXCloud platform—Marketing and Consumer Experiences in the cloud of which gamification is a core component. “MRXCloud is a complete suite that integrates mobile and social technologies with consumer big data analytics,” says Adriana. Its broad range of applications work seamlessly together including modules for community building and management, data collection, incentive management, email marketing, relationship campaigns, reporting and analytics. “From community management to big data analytics, we have created a modern system that combines style and substance to make running consumer insights and brand engagement programs more effective and enjoyable,” says Adriana.

In order to help organizations engage with customers worldwide, the company has developed proprietary technologies and social networks such as eCGlobalNet. In Adriana’s words, “eCGlobalNet has been elevated from being an online market research panel community to a popular social destination for brands and consumers to collaborate.”

MRXCloud is a complete suite that integrates mobile and social technologies with consumer big data analytics

eCGlobal plans to launch the next generation of eCGlobalNet next year to vest more power in the hands of consumers to connect and collaborate with brands as well as other consumers, based on their own interests and profiles. “Enterprises will also benefit from our new advanced analytics and big insights tools.” she adds.

eCGlobal has assisted some of the eminent organizations such as HBO, DIRECTV, Avon, P&G. The company helps such enterprises to realize the power of consumer, which is a driving force for business strategy. eCGlobal assists clients to obtain actionable insights to support their strategic marketing decisions by integrating technology with its expertise in taking intelligent approaches to consumer collaboration. As a result, clients benefit from the significant increase in customer loyalty and sales, better products and services, and a thriving business.

The company’s unique capability to integrate state-of-the-art technology, with creativity and strong analytics background, makes it a true innovator in the field of market research and consumer big data analytics, keeping it ahead of the competition. “We have received worldwide recognition as an innovator in the industry,” affirms Adriana. “Many global companies have turned to eCGlobal as their trusted partner to innovate their marketing research and customer feedback practices.”

In the days to come, Adriana wishes to see eCGlobal as the company that has helped to create the future of marketing research through consumer-brand collaboration. “Our goal is to go beyond the boundaries of Latin America, and become a true global organization, seeing our technology creating impact for brands and consumers worldwide,” concludes Adriana with an optimistic note.

eCGlobal Solutions

Miami Beach, FL

Adriana Rocha, Co-founder and CEO

Provider of marketing technology solutions that facilitates the gathering and understanding of consumer insights, expressions and knowledge.