ECI TELECOM: Pioneering the Ever-changing Telecom Networking Landscape

Darryl Edwards, President & CEO
Telecommunications services and networks are changing more quickly than ever before, making the task of selecting and investing in networks much more complex. In today’s ultra-competitive world, challenges include making the right investments to support thriving business for years to come. Networks are cloudified and functions are virtualized, things unheard of only a few years ago. Today the ability of a network to address those trends is key to success.

Regularly innovating and effectively reinventing oneself according to forecasted market trends are the keys to longevity and continuous success. ECI is no stranger to either. “Innovation goes back at least 54 years in this company. I look at ECI and some of the firsts it’s had throughout its history up until today, it’s a radically different world today,” says ECI President and CEO Darryl Edwards.

ECI’s ELASTIC Network® solutions are designed with this goal in mind. They respond to four clearly identifiable market drivers: cloud-based services and virtualization, enhanced mobility and the associated ‘the Internet of Things’, open networks, and cyber security. ELASTIC Network solutions incorporate technologies and architectures that embrace these elements in a consistent, interconnected manner. “We are implementing a staggered strategy that enables seamless, cost effective migration to the new world,” adds Edwards.

The vision of ECI’s ELASTIC Network is to create an open ecosystem where customers have the luxury of being able to select best of breed technologies from various vendors with full assurance of solution compatibility. “Such openness is crucial to enabling customers to successfully energize their service deliverable and achieve sustained operational excellence,” Edwards notes.

Edwards continues, “Virtualization and programmability are perhaps two of the most important aspects of this ongoing evolution. But we at ECI understand that this change doesn’t happen overnight. This is why we are already adopting an open, vendor agnostic approach to our products and solutions. We believe in protecting the investments of our customers for the long term.”

To help smoothly usher in this brave new world, ECI introduced the ELASTIC NetworkSmartLIGHT™ portfolio, comprised of four interconnected functional blocks.

We are implementing a staggered strategy that enables seamless, cost effective migration to the new world

The first is the transport hardware layer which includes the Apollo optical transport system and the Neptune packet transport system. The newest member of the family includes Mercury™ a hybrid NFV platform which integrates seamlessly into the Neptune product line, offering customers the best of both worlds: “all in one, superior, carrier grade transport along with the flexibility of NFV.”

Next there is the control layer which optimizes use of resources, maximizes visibility and automates operations, attributes required for today’s complex networks. On top of this ECI provides a variety of SDN applications (LightAPPS™), planning tools (LightPLAN™) and services (ELASTIC Analytics™) which are already providing the insights, tools and automation necessary for customers.

“And of course, we all know that security is a growing concern. As end-points, applications and users explode, networks are more prone to attack. That is why the security layer encapsulates all others in our SmartLIGHT portfolio.”

Industry elite agree. ECI’s LightSEC™ was recently named Light Reading’s Leading Lights “most innovative security strategy (vendor).” ECI’s Mercury NFV solution is a finalist in the LTE awards for “most innovative SDN/NFV solution”. And, Tier 1 customers such as Bharti, Vodafone and MTS, as well as critical and national infrastructures such asTenneT, Cesnet, Atman and Trafikverket have all publically declared their satisfaction in recent ECI press announcements.

Mr. Edwards concludes, “We launched our ELASTIC Network strategy nearly a year ago now, and the response has been tremendous. ELASTIC networks are not just about SDN and NFV, it is about how we can start transitioning today to more agile, dynamic networks.”


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Darryl Edwards, President & CEO

ECI delivers ELASTIC network solutions to service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators worldwide