eClinicalWorks: Technology Helps Unite Patients with the Healthcare System

Despite massive innovations in healthcare, imagine if a patient must drive himself to a hospital, find an emergency care center and wait endlessly to gain access to his health records! This is the incessant drawback of the traditional healthcare system where services are not fragmented but confined within the four walls of a hospital or care setting.

eClinicalWorks, a leader in ambulatory clinical solutions and one of the largest providers of EHR solutions in the U.S., helps relieve both patients and physicians from the endless tangle of front-end and back-end office operations involved in healthcare service. Founded in 1999, the Massachusetts based-company holds a track record of serving diverse set of clients of all sizes.
Like its counter parts, the healthcare industry too has been quick in embracing technology. “Yet, it is bogged down by the challenges to conform to the strict government regulations as well as meet client’s demand to create appropriate business models,” says Girish Kumar Navani, the co-founder and CEO of eClinicalWorks. According to Navani, an ardent sport fan, like sports, businesses are all about winning and competing for market share, profits, securing prestigious clientele and to be known as a company where employees feel privileged to a be a part of.

We are able to develop technology that is very mobile, can run on many devices and still offer the depth of the product that you have on a regular desktop

Unfortunately, many IT companies fail to develop innovative products as projected at the time of conceptualizing business goals. eClinicalWorks stays different from them. The company’s novel solutions such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management and eClinical- Works Care Coordination Medical Record (CCMR), digitize health and enable proper handling of big data, analytics, the onus of managing operations, workflow and practices of hospitals, doctors, physicians and small clinics. To ensure these services will yield quality outcome, three years ago the company
CIO VendorGirish Kumar Navani, CEO and Co-founder
allocated its key solutions as three separate business units with ample financial capital and definite goal that today are revenue generating successful ventures. These cloud-based solutions support its customers with the same level of sophistication and efficiency as per their expectations.

In addition, mobile products like eClinicalTouch for iPads and Android applications that cater to the needs of both physicians and patients, distinguish eClinicalWorks from its competitors. “It makes us unique. We are able to develop technology that is very mobile, can run on many devices and still offer the depth of the product that you have on a regular desktop,” says Navani. “Cloud plus mobile plus Big Data makes our product different, combined with the ease of use and pricing,” he adds.

There is no secret formula than listening to the customers, respecting the workforce, effective pricing strategy and team efforts that form the axiom of eClinicalWorks’ work culture. The company relates its accomplishments to the success of all its clients. Be it the ones that are centered across New York City or large-sized healthcare enterprises like Costal Medical in Rhode Island or clients with worldwide operations or small establishments like the Block and Nation, all of them have achieved lucrative outcome, better patient care and treatment, higher return on investment and judicious use of time by leveraging eClinicalWorks’ solutions.

Many things are in the pipeline for this company that has solely managed to emerge as a leader since the beginning. “Where ever there are unique international opportunities, we will consider them. In that light, we have customers that have presence in 70 countries in the world deploying eClinicalWorks,” quotes Navani. With $75 million already invested on a patient care product called ‘healow’, the company’s monetary decisions are enroute to the enhancement of patient engagement, population health management and Big Data.


Westborough, MA

Girish Kumar Navani, CEO and Co-founder

Provider of ambulatory healthcare IT services in the U.S. with cloud-enabled technology on mobile devices for better access to healthcare and patient records.