Eclipsys Solutions: Unleashing Innovation and Removing Complexity through Oracle Engineered Systems

Jack Gulas, Founder
Present-day business challenges are multi-faced and most of the conventional solutions have turned archaic. Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together— in the cloud and in the data center.

Eclipsys Solutions, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada functions as the perfect Oracle solutions provider, leveraging their ’Oracle Platinum Partnership’ status to facilitate innovative business solutions with leading edge technologies and delivering enhanced client value by accelerating the adoption and leverage of Oracle’s “Red Stack” product integration.

Under the partnership and technical guidance of Partners - Jack Gulas, Michael Richardson and Andy Canham, who acquired Eclipsys in 2012, they have progressed to become Oracle’s premier technology partner in Canada. “We are an Oracle only solutions provider and our team understands the technical needs of customers and goes a step above and beyond by planning ahead for potential future requirements, which further empowers us to carve our own niche in the industry”, says Jack Gulas.

In recognition of their services in enhancing business value through Oracle services, Eclipsys was presented with the Oracle Excellence Award in 2012.

Unique “in-a-box” Solutions

Eclipsys extends exceptional services in key technology are as such as Infrastructure Architecture, database Management, and Identity and Access Management, among many others. At the heart of Eclipsys’ Oracle solutions is Oracle Middleware, Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Database, and Oracle Hardware.

Eclipsys recently became the first Oracle partner in North America to integrate an Oracle Middleware product (Oracle Webcenter) onto an Engineered System platform which provides customers an opportunity to easily evaluate the application before fully integrating it into their environment.
This “in-a-box” concept has gained rapid popularity resulting in customers and technical resources from all around the world contacting Eclipsys to inquire about other applications that this could be used for.

The Strategies for Future

Eclipsys packages these “in-a-box” solutions on an Oracle Database Appliance and even offers a loaner program in which they can integrate the required application and lend customers the hardware to test it on for a limited period of time.

Gulas provides more insights into their plans to expand this practice. “The ODA provides us with a tremendous opportunity to pre-package applications onto a fully integrated platform using best of breed technology so that our clients can perform proof of concept tests or just easily integrate new applications into their environment. We have already expanded this practice to include other Oracle Middleware applications including SOA and BPM and we are now looking at third party applications including the widely popular Banner application which is used in higher education. This platform has endless possibilities for our clients and we are excited to be industry leaders in providing services around it”.

Eclipsys, working towards enabling a perfect Oracle solution for clients, offers assistance in designing, building and configuring just about any Oracle solution. They have recently expanded their services practice to include a Cx team and continue to be proponents of cloud adoption for their clients helping them prepare for the future while also maximizing the value of their current IT investments – a key part of their success in empowering clients through the adoption of Oracle technology.

Eclipsys Solutions

Montréal, QC

Jack Gulas, Founder

A provider of services for accelerating the adoption and to leverage Oracle's "red stack" product integration