eCompliance: Better Decisions on Safety Measures

John LeBrun, President & COO
The process of risk management, in any organization has been evolving over the years from an activity to measure and reduce possibilities of risk. As an example, the concept of workplace safety, in many ways, is a new entrant to the overall risk management phase. Consequently, the awareness on the implementation of safety measures while mitigating risk at different organizational levels is often insufficient. The urgent need for promoting safety as part of risk management was well understood by eCompliance, a firm that was founded with the goal of drastically reducing workplace incidents. Josh LeBrun, President and COO, eCompliance, is of the opinion that every employee deserves a workplace with high-standards of safety. “eCompliance provides executives with an in-depth understanding on how the risk can be reduced for their organization with efficient safety measures in place. Reduced risk potential enables an organization to gain more value, besides enhanced competitiveness,” informs LeBrun. eCompliance, founded in 2006, is innovative in its approach in ensuring work place safety. For instance, during their formative years, they noticed that most of the firms were reliant on paper inputs for information and analysis on their safety management initiatives. The situation was in for a change with the attempts by the firm to incorporate technology into the process. Owing to these technologically oriented safety initiatives, firms were able to arrive at better decisions on safety measures to be incorporated, which further impacted the overall management of risk.

In addition, eCompliance provides training management with an aim to familiarize enterprises with advanced ways of tracking and monitoring Employee Safety. The highlight of their training management is the fact that the firm has distanced itself from traditional dependency on MS Excel for maintaining training records, incorporating more sophisticated ways to manage the difficult task.

The firm is known for their cloud based Safety Software. As a result, the software comes with extreme flexibility for use by firms belonging to different verticals or for companies with twenty or twenty thousand employees.
The completely web-based software doesn’t require any long-time download and therefore, it is highly convenient for users to get started with.

The Software is equally beneficial for field workers as well as managers and executives. For field workers, the software saves time as it enables an opportunity to use mobile apps while carrying out inspections or meetings on safety practices, and have access to all information on any safety initiative. Lastly, the software enables effective coordination between workers and management, thereby accelerating the completion of the task.

“At the management level, the software provides a dashboard type view that allows them to see the way the risk is actually being reduced in an organization. It provides visibility into the entire risk management process,” continues LeBrun.

The cloud-based software has been a differentiating aspect for the company, by enabling optimal flexibility. Besides, customers are able to use the software irrespective of the location and the kind of device. Imperatively, the constant efforts to innovate the safety industry have helped the firm stay ahead of the competition.

eCompliance provides executives with an in-depth understanding on how the risk can be reduced for their organization with efficient safety measures in place

Going forward, eCompliance is all set to be at the forefront of addressing the critical aspects in the risk management landscape. Additionally, the firm has a special interest in working on high-risk industries. “eCompliance is dedicated to making software a vital aspect of managing the risk of safety incidents,” concludes LeBrun.


Calgary, Alberta

John LeBrun, President & COO

eCompliance focuses on enhancing the safety of the work place by incorporating advanced technologies into risk management process.