ECR Software Corporation: Automating The Science Of Retail

Pete Catoe, Founder & CEo
“Develop and deliver commonsense, innovative retail automation solutions that work as advertised. Take care of your customers and employees, and profits will follow” is the simple philosophy that led Pete Catoe to establish a firm that understands the science of retail. With a handful of co-workers, he started a small software company called ECR Software Corporation. The firm’s relentless pursuit of creating quality software products and fostering employee development over two decades has transformed ECR Software Corp. into an internationally recognized firm in the retail automation industry.

Founded on the concept of serving retailers with a connected system, ECR Software Corp. focuses on pushing data electronically from the point of sale to the back office. This approach to retail management provides accurate data and analytics gathered from real-time sales data. Having such data at their fingertips allows retailers to better manage their business and increase long-term profitability. Today, ECR Software Corp. has taken this initial vision and grown it into a comprehensive retail automation suite that covers all vital areas of operation in an enterprise—from point of sale to back office to warehouse.

ECR Software Corp.’s extensive technology suite alleviates common pain points experienced in high transaction retail environments. Out-of-stocks, low inventory turns, overstock, supplier shipping error, poor customer service, long checkout lines, difficult cashier training, inaccurate data, margin control, regulatory compliance, and the management of multiple third party technology vendors (loyalty, POS, analytics, inventory, warehousing) are some of the loss points that plague almost all retailers. ECR Software Corp. solves all of these high loss areas with one solution suite by providing data accuracy and user interface consistency.
Starting from the retail sectors of natural products, pharmacy, vending/micro market, hospital/health system, beverage, and grocery, ECR Software Corp. has left its footprint on all various growing and established verticals. Its clientele includes Aramark, Fruitful Yield, Walter Stewarts, Kimberton Whole Foods, Astrup Drug Inc., MOM’s Organic Markets, Berkshire Coop, and Clark’s Nutrition among others.

Whether it is traditional POS, mobile POS, autonomous self service kiosks, or innovative new technology such as ECR Software Corp.’s RAPTOR 360 degree scan portal, ECR Software Corp. has found many ways to cater to customers that are increasingly used to technology in their everyday lives. By taking advantage of new checkout technologies, merchants are not only providing customers with a more desirable shopping experience (in-and-out purchases, shorter lines) but also increasing employee productivity.

In addition to that, ECR Software Corp. believes in enticing new businesses and promoting customer retention with a marketing program that incorporates creative, effective tools, such as eCoupons and social media. The firm has used technology to automate manual, mistake-prone tasks, such as inventory and replenishment. Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café, one of the key customers, used scientific methods from ECR Software Corp. to improve its retail position. “ECR Software Corp. gives me time to focus on the things that seed new ideas and business growth. Critical store processes are now automated, which opens the door to give new initiatives a chance, such as creative marketing to customers. If I’m constantly occupied with tedious processes and mistake-fixing, I can’t achieve my long-term business goals,” says Joel Patterson of Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café. Hence, by providing its customers with automation tools that put actionable enterprise data at their fingertips, ECR Software Corp. believes in empowering them to compete and expand their business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Boone, NC

Pete Catoe, Founder & CEo

ECRS provides comprehensive POS and inventory automation solutions for retailers.