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Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner
Getting things Done. Done.™ is Eden Technologies’ central philosophy and refers to their mantra that every detail matters when you’re migrating a Data Center. To help manage all those details Eden has developed EMMA, an IT migration platform focused specifically on solving the problems inherent in a complex technology move or upgrade. The company introduced EMMA as a solution to help organizations drive down the cost of desktop and data center migrations by combining analytics, automation, and project management into a single platform. EMMA reduces risk and simultaneously streamlines the migration process so that businesses can easily deploy a new technology and make the transition at a much quicker pace.

With fifteen years of migration experience, Eden Technologies has a proven track record of assisting enterprises in coping with the complications they face when planning and executing a large infrastructure move. The answer, they say, is to follow a best practice methodology inclusive of Discovery, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Closeout. Additionally, with EMMA, everyone with sufficient clearance can have access to the same real-time data for analytics, readiness, scheduling, and reporting. “EMMA is a workflow automation and data analytics tool that is specifically designed for the migration scenario,” asserts Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner of Eden Technologies. Also, EMMA’s ability to integrate with many common data center systems plays a crucial role in allowing customers to update applications and the systems associated with them, quickly.

The company has established its presence across the globe in several verticals including banking and financial services, legal, education, and pharmaceutical. Sweeney paints a clearer picture of his organization’s unique approach as he recounts the story of how one Education client was able to shorten their migration time by nearly 50%.

EMMA is a workflow automation and data analytics tool that is specifically designed for the migration scenario

“We used EMMA to aggregate data from just about every system of record the university had. By providing a single source of truth we were able to help the client get organized quickly. When they decided to rapidly accelerate the project EMMA kept the migration on track with no outages.” says Sweeney.

Another instance where Eden, and EMMA, proved their efficiency was when a multinational financial services organization was exiting their lease and needed to relocate their data center across multiple facilities in different countries. Eden worked with the client to perform a discovery of their environment, develop a target architecture, organize the migration into logical waves, and then execute the actual move. Once again EMMA was utilized to aggregate data from a number of internal sources, develop the wave plans, and standardize the runbooksused for the migration. Eden states that the client not only completed ahead of schedule but also avoided costly lease-related penalties they may have incurred if the project was delayed.

Looking forward Eden Technologies envisions furnishing organizations with the most effective way to deal with the inevitable technological transformations they will face over the next few years. The company plans to expand its portfolio to include a rich set of analytical tools coupled with machine learning capabilities so their clients can make smarter decisions through a better understanding of the entire migration process.

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Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner

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