eDevTECH : Helping Clients Effectively Define and Manage Requirements

Asif Sharif , President & CEO
It has been well documented that software development projects frequently run over-time and over-budget; this is mainly caused by miscommunications between assorted stakeholder groups attempting to work together to create or update an application. Spearheaded by Asif Sharif, President and CEO, eDevTECH, a modern requirements software company, assists its clients in defining and managing requirements for software application development more efficiently. eDevTECH’s products help clients by improving process efficiency, decreasing development time, maintaining project budgets, and assuring a positive user experience.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, eDevTECH offers Modern Software Requirement tools that include, inteGREAT, SmartOffice4TFS and WorkItemBaseline4TFS. The company’s proficiency is in Application Lifecycle Management, specializing in Requirements Management software that is built on top of the industry leading Microsoft Visual Studio / TFS platform. The suite connects to Visual Studio Online (VSO) or can be connected to TFS on a client’s premises. The suite extends the requirements capabilities of TFS adding many capabilities targeted at improving productivity, facilitating project compliance reporting and enhancing requirements clarity through modeling and simulation.

“The intention behind inteGREAT was to develop a software platform that works as a virtual bridge between the IT technical community and the business owners,” says Sharif. Our requirements suite allows users to elicit, analyze, model, validate, review and manage requirements more efficiently; with end to end traceability. It offers a common central requirements understanding for ALLproject stakeholders, while automatically generating the commonly used documents, diagrams, simulations and test cases needed. inteGREAT also supports common software development methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Iterative and Waterfall and maps dynamically to out of the box TFS process templates, as well as to custom templates.

Last year, the company launched SmartOffice4TFS, a suite of Office plug-ins that includes: SmartWord4TFS, SmartVisio4TFS, SmartExcel4TFS and SmartOutlook4TFS. It offers stakeholders a direct, two-way link between Microsoft Office and Team Foundation Server, allowing stakeholders to continue using familiar Office tools to work with requirements, while providing structure, reuse and a central source of truth in TFS. It is the missing link in the application lifecycle management (ALM) process, connecting many different stakeholder roles together in requirements collaboration.
Most recently, eDevTECH launched WorkItemBaseline4TFS, a browser based tool that addresses the compliance and multiple version management needs of many clients. All Work Items within a project, and their links, can be baselined and one baseline can be compared to another to document any differences.

eDevTECH’ S, Modern Requirements Suite offers numerous benefits to Fortune500 customers, in industries ranging from Financial Services to Medical Devices and government agencies. “Our solution helped one of our clients to improve their requirements productivity by 50 percent in fewer than six months though automating many processes. By validating their requirements upfront, the client was able to reduce their development rework over 10 fold. Our solution enabled another financial services company to connect all ALM stakeholders to a central database, Microsoft TFS, and then using the familiar Office user interface, it helped them collaborate throughout the lifecycle of each project. This ultimately led to reduced rework throughout the process,” explains Sharif.

Our tools extend the capabilities of Microsoft’s TFS platform in the requirements space and help clients to achieve better productivity, collaboration, traceability and reuse

“We are the only Microsoft Visual Studio partner to build our requirements tools on top of TFS, thereby having analysts and product owners share requirements natively as work items with developers and testers; both textually and visually,” says Sharif. The company further differentiates itself by being client-centric and nimble, while its solutions are result-centric. Each user´s profundity and experience often translates into how valuable a tool becomes. This is the reason why eDevTECH, through its inclusive education and training programs, makes certain that clients have a solid grasp of the basics.

“We will continue to invest heavily in R&D for requirements products, to provide more innovation and functionality; both in client based and browser based solutions, while extending the capabilities of the Microsoft platforms that our tools are built upon,” adds Sharif. eDevTECH will also expand their geographic footprint by creating more partnerships in key areas worldwide.


Toronto, Canada

Asif Sharif , President & CEO and Bob Savelson SVP Sales & Marketing

A modern requirement lifecycle software company that helps clients to visually and textually define and manage requirements much more efficiently; leveraging everyone’s familiarity with Microsoft Office and TFS