Edge Technologies: Transforming Information into Situational Awareness

Edward Willhide, Co-Founder & CTO
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through internet-enabled devices, the demand for advanced cybersecurity is on the rise. Today, protecting just the perimeter of an enterprise is no longer sufficient; IT organizations need to look beyond networks and endpoints. As sophisticated hackers have the potential to identify vulnerabilities and attack even well-fortified websites and networks, protecting an organization’s valuable digital assets has become challenging. In order to combat these growing cyberattack threats, businesses today are looking for proactive, cutting-edge technology solutions that can stop cyberattacks and protect mission-critical data. With cyberattacks accounting for the theft of billions of corporate and personal data in the U.S., a novel software development company, Edge Technologies, is spearheading paradigm-changing technological innovation to provide enterprise-level visibility for cyberthreat detection and protection through advanced processes and technologies.

Having been in the cybersecurity landscape for decades, Edge has come up with a groundbreaking edgeSuite platform that integrates data and web apps from different sources with the help of extract, transform, and visualize technology. The edgeSuite platform then provides role-based visualizations to help businesses understand the source, destination, and impact of cyberthreats. It secures the access to critical information and creates situational awareness across a diverse set of information environments. “Our value proposition is dedicated to providing our customers with an unprecedented level of visibility and access to cybersecurity information to identify potential attackers and protect their business,” says Edward Willhide, co-founder and CTO of Edge. In case of any intrusion, the platform has the flexibility to pivot over data to identify and evaluate the potential effects on the assets. edgeSuite provides a single pane of glass view that incorporates data silos and user-defined elements from different locations, eliminates unnecessary elements, and thereby increases efficiency of the stakeholder. The platform further allows operators to align their visualization with personalized perspectives of information and share the visuals with diverse audiences anytime, anywhere.
With such concise visuals, firms can derive greater context and meaning from existing information and make better decisions faster.

The platform also enables customers to utilize their current authentication services to provide highly-secure, fully-authenticated access to applications and information. The approach enables customer applications with legacy or custom authentication models to be “front-ended” by edgeSuite in order to meet compliance requirements. To strengthen the authentication process, Edge’s platform makes use of advanced security features such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and custom authenticator support. With edgeSuite, customers can quickly create and deploy UIs, KPIs, and convert raw data into unified, intuitive information, while improving workflows across the organization. Alongside cybersecurity solutions, Edge also empowers customers to build digital operation centers of the future.

Edge has assisted various organizations across different industries to monitor and protect valuable assets. In an instance, the United States Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) had embarked on an enterprise network management systems project as part of an ongoing effort to improve their ability to monitor, manage, and control systems and networks within their purview and to provide Network Operations with situational awareness. At the outset of the project, SPAWAR identified several high-level objectives as well as specific areas where there was both the need and potential for efficiency gains through optimized tool integrations, information visualizations, and workflows. By leveraging Edge’s unique solutions, SPAWAR was able to deliver highly-intuitive, visually appealing, role-based dashboards, seamlessly fed by numerous disparate data sources and built on a highly-secure and scalable platform.

Along the path of innovation, Edge is focused on rolling out digital assessments and consulting services to empower digital transformation. Besides enhancing its products, the company also plans to expand its business in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. “We are already operating in over 20 countries, and we aim to grow our presence in those countries and beyond,” concludes Willhide.

Edge Technologies

Reston, VA

Edward Willhide, Co-Founder & CTO

Edge Technologies is spearheading paradigm-changing technological innovation to provide enterprise-wide cybersecurity detection and protection through advanced technologies

Edge Technologies