EdgeCast: Quick and Easy Data Transformation with CDN

Alex Kazerani, Chairman & CEO
In today’s world there is a dynamic change in the online space as with each growing day there are new innovations. The internet is a platform for several activities, but often the delays in data access create difficulties for users. However, no such problem exists with EdgeCast in the picture as it makes internet accessibility faster and extensible. Earlier there was a delay in network convenience but now with EdgeCast, access to data is agile and immediate. “At EdgeCast, our strategic global points of presence, network routing, content management tools and unlimited scalability create a high-speed and responsive experience for our customers,” says Alex Kazerani, CEO, EdgeCast. Harnessing the potential of Content Delivery Network (CDN), EdgeCast helps in loading e-tail pages, videos and transactions so that it can be delivered smoothly at the highest possible speed and scalability.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, EdgeCast builds infrastructure, web services, and application delivery spaces. “We have built our global delivery network to provide accelerated content delivery and an exceptional user experience to our customers, while decreasing the number of complex web applications,” says Kazerani.

EdgeCast enables customers to offload the serving of website content to geographically distributed servers rather than the traditional method of distributing content from origin servers. “We improve the end-user experience by faster video accessibility and loading websites quickly. The content is delivered in real-time in response to user behavior,” says Kazerani.

Since 2006, the company has been working as a distributed global network of servers built for speed, security and scalability. Since then, EdgeCast has been enabling websites to grow and handle spikes without a hitch, stream to thousands of viewers concurrently, and accelerate complex web applications. EdgeCast Network is built for speed and reliability; this helps the users in accessing EdgeCast’s network effortlessly.

EdgeCast’s easy-to-use, white label CDN service helps organizations in network accessibility via branded control panel. “Our wholesale service will get you up selling in the CDN market without any of the time and expense of building, managing, and supporting a network of your own,” says Kazerani.
The company further provides solutions that are purpose-built with the world’s leading eCommerce websites. EdgeCast bundles a comprehensive suite of services that address important business objectives like site speed, scalability, mobility, and security, while also enabling the website owners to follow industry best practices, all in one single destination.

EdgeCast also offers software distribution built on their content delivery platform through which users can download their software from the most ideal server. In addition, EdgeCast helps companies by delivering web pages and other web content to a user’s geographic location.

With so many changes occurring in the online world, EdgeCast focuses on delivering a next generation experience to customers

EdgeCast differentiates itself with a variety of new services aimed at providing additional value to its customers. Since inception, EdgeCast has been providing effective network solutions to clients. For instance, Atlantic Media was facing various issues related to network accesiblity. With the help of EdgeCast, the client was able to enhance its reader experience effectively, with the entire website loading within a few seconds.

Moving ahead, the company is further looking for new ways to deliver next-generation experiences to their customers. “We have received feedback from all our customers that our company has done an excellent job of keeping content delivery network up to speed and helped in diversifying, rapidly expanding user base,” says Kazerani. EdgeCast has built customer-centric technology service companies in the past, and they are planning to enhance their CDNs while providing outstanding customer service.


Santa Monica, CA

Alex Kazerani, Chairman & CEO

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