EdgeWave: Empowering With Revolutionary Anti-Phishing Service

Lou Ryan, CEO
The human side of cybersecurity can sometimes be most challenging. Many organizations implement technological defenses without educating end users about security or privacy controls. EdgeWave is redefining cybersecurity by helping organizations empower end users to actively identify, remediate and protect against inbound threats. With more than two decades of industry experience, EdgeWave provides simple but highly effective data security and advanced threat protection solutions that are affordable, scalable, and easy to use.

Millions of users have adopted Microsoft Office products owing to the ubiquitous connectivity and increased workplace productivity it offers. But Office 365 can sometimes be vulnerable to phishing, ransomware, and other threats. EdgeWave has developed its comprehensive security architecture on the cloud, protecting employees and corporate data from threats such as spam, phishing, advanced persistent threats, botnets, malware, viruses, and other tactics utilized by cybercriminals. With EdgeWave, customers get outstanding email security and a cutting-edge, feature-rich archiving solution to fill Office 365’s gaps. To close the phishing at the endpoint, EdgeWave designed its ThreatTest as an automated email incident response service. It leverages accurate threat intelligence, automated machine learning, and human analysis to investigate and respond to phishing attacks in real time. “Our SLA for delivering threat resolution to customers is within minutes and that is our core value proposition,” states Lou Ryan, CEO of EdgeWave. Upon encountering a suspicious mail in their inbox, end users can highlight it and simply press the ThreatTest button on Microsoft Outlook to forward the possible threat to EdgeWave labs for investigation. “ThreatTest reduces IT overhead by sending the response directly to the end user and eliminates phishing dwell time by removing any malicious emails,” adds Ryan. ThreatTest provides IT staff global reporting such as sender details and number of malicious messages discovered, weak links in the organization’s network, and more.
“A malicious email is a time bomb ticking in your inbox,” warns Ryan, emphasizing the need for end-user vigilance. EdgeWave ePrism is a cloud-based email security service that provides robust threat defense by precisely identifying attacks and synchronizing defensive measures in realtime. Likewise, EdgeWave iPrism web security is a fine-grained content filtering and threat detection solution. iPrism utilizes EdgeWave’s iGuard URL analysis to facilitate content categorization and malicious URL analysis. iPrism has super low maintenance requirements; in other words, it has a “set it and forget it” ease of use.

Citing a noteworthy success story, Ryan mentions EdgeWave’s role in helping the United States Tennis Association (USTA) provide safe online accessibility during the U.S. Open Tennis Championships year after year. Internet policies are administered and enforced with zero network latency and highest bandwidth speeds without physically touching or installing software on every user device. These requirements were all fulfilled flawlessly by EdgeWave iPrism Secure Web Gateway’s multi-gigabit web filtering and seamless web security.

Aspiring to mitigate the next generation web and email-borne threats, EdgeWave is investing substantial amounts of engineering time, and security expertise in their security products. The company intends to launch several cloud-based cybersecurity solutions by early 2018.

Apart from expertise in identification and elimination of sophisticated cybersecurity threats, EdgeWave also has an increasing amount of data about malicious emails that it receives from users, which when analyzed further becomes the learning base. The company acknowledges its potential role as a source of data for third parties who can incorporate it into next-generation email security tools. “We are developing a tool that will find valuable information for both our customers and potential alliance partners,” concludes Ryan.


La Jolla, CA

Lou Ryan, CEO

Provides simple yet effective data security and advanced threat protection solutions that are affordable, scalable, and easy to use