EducationFolder: Educating and Engaging Agents for Enhanced Performance

Craig Preston, Founder
After three decades of leading teams both in-house and at large BPO providers, Craig Preston knows first-hand the key to high-performing contact centers: A well-trained team empowered with the tools and knowledge to do their best—and the motivation to do so. “The coaching role of the supervisors is mission-critical to contact center performance, yet it often must take a back-seat to putting out fires and dealing with day-to-day management issues,” says Preston.

With so many pain-points affecting performance, Preston knew supervisors needed a solution to streamline the entire process—from identifying needs, implementing training and arming agents with the right information, to tracking basic HR issues and keeping their teams motivated and engaged. While plenty of point-solutions existed, nothing truly tied everything together in a single, easy to use, end-to-end solution. So, he decided to create one. EducationFolder became that solution, encompassing quality assurance, coaching and training in a single platform.

This fully-integrated approach gives EducationFolder the unique ability to assign performance management activities based on quality assurance and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For instance, if an agent fails to meet a certain quality assurance attribute more than the designated allowable times, the system will automatically assign an appropriate reading, e-learning course or supervisor-led coaching session. This automated system ensures coaching requisites are quickly identified, immediately scheduled and tracked through to completion.

Supervisors not only gain a clear picture of who needs additional coaching and training, but can also see the impact of those sessions. Because EducationFolder’s learning management system tracks all development activities in one place, supervisors can easily overlay this information with performance metrics for insights into the effectiveness of their training and coaching activities. Activities not making a substantial impact can then be refined or replaced. “Supervisors are better able to help the agents, and the training data from the agents helps the supervisors improve their processes. It’s a complete cycle of continuous improvement,” says Preston.

Our integrated system optimizes performance while reducing costs. Our approach is so effective, we guarantee results

EducationFolder also includes a built-in knowledge base (KB). Agents have immediate access to the information they need without having to search through separate systems. Agents can rate the helpfulness of KB documents and report errors on page content. Built-in analytics help supervisors identify trends by tracking KB document usage at both the page- and agent-level.

Additionally, EducationFolder integrates gamification elements with rewards and recognition features, keeping agents feeling motivated to reach peak performance. Combined with its built-in communication tools, the entire system encourages team engagement and fosters a sense of community. These extraordinary features improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately, help reduce attrition. “It’s important that agents feel valued and not like ‘just a body in a seat.’ The team-building aspects of EducationFolder and the continuous, positive reinforcement really helps agents feel invested in the organization. Invested employees always perform better,” asserts Preston.

As the contact center has gone global, anytime/anywhere access is now indispensable. “From day one, we knew it needed to be cloud-based,” insisted Preston. Since then, the company has added features to address every pain-point in the contact center including attendance tracking, task management and an internal social platform. It’s a robust system that has seen real results. “One of our largest customers has increased their sales close-rate by over 30 Percent,” says Preston.

“At any contact center the most valuable asset, and the largest line item in the budget, is always ‘people.’ As contact center technology continues to evolve, EducationFolder will be at the forefront of managing the people side of the business,” concludes Preston.


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Craig Preston, Founder

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