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With manufacturing becoming more internationalized, shortening of the product development cycle, reducing investment risks for new products, and cutting down costs is the key to corporate survival. This has directly resulted in the increased adoption of rapid prototyping. However, rapid prototyping is not as easy as it sounds. Material issues, high equipment prices, problems of accuracy and quality, and more cause a lot of headache to businesses when they try to implement it. “We accelerate corporate innovation and business growth,” says Sreekanth Uppuluri, founder at Edvsenswa. In this regard, the company specializes in rapid prototyping and building applications of scale. Edvsenswa takes a collaborative engineering approach to innovate commercialization while also reducing the time taken to achieve global scales.

Edvenswa realizes that rapid prototyping can help their clients understand their concepts better with a hands-on approach before the product plans are finalized. To this end, the company has a dedicated team with expertise in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and Flash, on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, with frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngukarJs, Swift, and Ruby on Rails. The team assists in the development of prototypes and works in small, short-term projects before the commencement of the full-scale development while also ensuring that it stays within the limits of the budget. This model helps businesses who want to test and try out ideas before recommending them to the C-suite for budget approvals. Additionally, the company also helps their customers with UI/UX design and development; enterprise application engineering; software quality assurance; social/mobile application development; application, integration, maintenance, and migration services; cloud and DevOps; and extended R&D partnering.

Customers from a wide array of industry verticals—banking and financials, healthcare & life sciences, supply chain, and logistics, energy, education, and environment and so on— leverage Edvenswa’s solutions that range from data management to decision support. With the digitalization of enterprises gaining traction, the company realizes the importance of data management and has dedicated teams who are experienced in data management for enterprise integration requirements.
The teams assist with enterprise application development in database design, ETL, and data warehousing areas right from RDBMS systems to non-relational databases. Furthermore, the company’s resources also have expertise in the modern stack of front-end technologies, programming languages, and frameworks to provide customers with the entire range of UI/UX services including requirements analysis, wireframing, development of interactive, responsive UI with visuals, and more.

We accelerate corporate innovation and business growth

Edvenswa also supports startups to help commercialize their ideas and has established their startup program called Incub8. The platform brings the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem under a single network for startups to ideate, innovate, evolve, and quickly establish themselves in the marketplace. With this platform, the company has been able to realize the dreams of many entrepreneurs and bring their businesses into the market. In an instance, a California-based startup saw an opportunity in patient workflow management and to improve the patient flow in and out of hospitals. This would not only optimize the utilization of hospital resources and enterprise but would also better the quality of care. This customer’s application would bridge the gap between remote patient monitoring devices and the care team’s workflow to act on potential adverse events proactively. Edvenswa is the sole technology provider of the clients, and it also enhances the product with machine learning and AI capabilities from time to time. This has helped the customer get signed paying users, including a chain of hospitals in a short period.

Founded in Atlanta, GA, Edvenswa’s esteemed clientele varies from startups to 100-year old large enterprises. “Having succeeded in executing micro-projects for a few startups on the east coast, we expanded our operations to the Bay Area—the hotbed of technology innovation driven startups,” concludes Uppuluri.


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Sreekanth Uppuluri, Founder

Specializes in technology incubation and advanced consulting services to its customers and help them with Proof of Concepts, Prototypes and finally Production-ready System