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Edwards Project Solutions (EdwPS) began its journey in 1997 as a small business focused on enhancing the capabilities of Government agencies, commercial firms, and non-profit organizations by providing project management and advanced business consulting solutions. Today, with multiple office locations and nearly 60 employees, EdwPS continues to innovate project management solutions while maintaining a corporate culture focused on people, business ethics, integrity, and communication, while staying true to the company’s mission, vision, and core values.

Steve Edwards, CEO, founded, built, and continues to operate on two guiding principles: “The first is to honor God in all that I do within the company, and the second is to build EdwPS to be the kind of company where I would want to be an employee.” Steve and the EdwPS Leadership Team inspire EdwPS employees to continuously learn and stay current within the ever evolving market. “We encourage our employees to build new skills and refine current abilities in order to deliver effective and efficient project management,” explains Edwards. “Our commitment to best practices and standards is echoed by our high level of relevant industry employee certifications; 90 percent of the EdwPS team includes Project Management Professionals (PMP) certified with a focus on receiving complementary Agile certification,” claims EdwPS President, Gina Abate. “In addition to hands-on learning, we employ our knowledge as a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) with the Project Management Institute (PMI), PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks, and Microsoft (MS) Silver Partnership in Program and Portfolio Management.”

In the age of rapid technological transformation, companies can provide long-term savings to their customers by delivering a powerful project management solution. In trying to keep up with growing trends, many companies get lost in the jargons and trending complex applications. In contrast, EdwPS is a company with clearly defined products, services, and methods. “In addition to leveraging recognized standards from the industry, we have gone beyond a typical project management approach to develop our own set of proven processes and methodologies that ensure success. EdwPS project management methodologies are built on decades of real-world project experiences,” informs Abate.

Our Agile portfolio solution personifies the progression of technology and project management

In the current market environment, there is an increasing demand for project management programs which align with present-day business needs. EdwPS finds new ways to address the challenges in this domain, providing solutions to meet business needs in the current market scenario. Each Solution Area (Program & Portfolio Management, Knowledge Management, Mission Assurance, and Learning & Development) is championed by its own subject matter expert (SME) who tailors EdwPS’ services to fit the customers’ specific organizational requirements. EdwPS’ SMEs provide the highest quality of performance across EdwPS. In keeping with the progression of project management and technology movements, EdwPS has integrated Agile principles and comprehensive information security within their Solution Areas. The Company has been able to address “Secure Agile” implementation at the portfolio, program,and project levels to enhance performance in any organization. To drive innovation, EdwPS constantly studies the current market trends for emerging project management tools and technologies. “Our Agile portfolio solution personifies the progression of technology and project management,” states Gina. The company’s innovative team has developed a Methodology Framework – ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile. This framework employs tools and techniques like MS Project Server and MS SharePoint to address consistent planning and reporting across Agile, hybrid Agile, and traditional waterfall projects.
Steven S. Edwards, Founder, CEO
Information security is an integral element of this solution providing “built-in” security at each task or iteration within a project. Secure Agile means releasing increments that are fully compliant with cyber security guidance and standards.

"EdwPS’ business offerings are tailored and scaled to fit the specific requirements of each customer organization"

While keeping up with the progression of project management and technology movements, EdwPS understands that Agile is not the best approach for all projects. Steve Edwards prides himself on the fact that “EdwPS’ business offerings are tailored and scaled to fit the specific requirements of each customer organization.”

With vast experience in project management landscape, EdwPS is able to manage and maintain large contracts for customers that often turn into long-term commitments. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been a satisfied customer of EdwPS since 2002. In addition to introducing the first Agency-approved PMO maturity model, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, and developing the first Agency-standard PMO toolkit, EdwPS provides one-on-one training/mentoring for CMS staff in alignment with the CMS Agency Project Management System (CAPMS).

Laureate Education has also benefitted from the implementation of an EdwPS enterprise project management solution for their course development group. By employing EdwPS’ solution, Laureate streamlined their processes for delivery and overcame the challenge of manually consolidating reports for each course; eliminating 8-12 hours of updating time each week. “The Project Management Office (PMO) at Laureate now ensures that all projects are properly updated, maintaining the integrity of the reported data and providing visibility into all PMO governed projects,” explains Gina.

The culture at Edwards Project Solutions preserves a family orientated management style while maintaining the professionalism and capabilities of a much larger business. The combination of accomplished experienced staff and the innovative energy of young talent within our company, provides a wonderful balance that allows us to effectively meet the needs of our customers. To inspire employee interaction and remain abreast of evolving market trends, EdwPS established an internal Center of Excellence (CoE). “The CoE creates a sense of community among employees by offering learning and development events. CoE brown bags and educational evening activities offer employees and guest speakers an opportunity to present topics regarding their project management expertise and experience,” adds Gina.

EdwPS understands the importance of delivering sound, coherent, and on point deliverables to meet customer needs and expectations. EdwPS has an 18-year history of providing customer services through innovation, employee empowerment, and unwavering integrity. Consistent evolution based on current market trends is necessary in order to define and deliver effective and efficient project management solutions. Steve Edwards and Gina Abate agree, “Edwards Project Solutions defines the best solutions for our customers – delivering solutions on time, on target, and on budget.”

Edwards Project Solutions

Elkridge, MD

Steven S. Edwards, Founder, CEO and Gina Abate, President

Edwards Project Solutions is a small business concentrated on project management and advanced business consulting solutions. We focus on enhancing the capabilities of Government Agencies, Commercial Firms, and Non-Profit Organizations, ensuring their projects remain ‘On Target, On Time, and On Budget’