Efficientix: Gateway to Business Process Excellence

Christian Salas, Director General
Organizations worldwide are looking for comprehensive technology solutions that can significantly improve their business management processes. The requirement is also for solutions that can be implemented with minimal disruption and limited technology resources. Cloud-based ERP proves to be the answer for organizations to succeed amidst the stiff competition and sustain their growth. As the world’s most deployed cloud-based ERP solution, Oracle NetSuite is at the forefront of accelerating business performance. Founded in 2010, Efficientix is an Oracle NetSuite partner dedicated to the implementation of NetSuite cloud applications. Christian Salas, Director General of Efficientix says, “We help our clients achieve their strategic objectives through the efficient use of the NetSuite business application, supporting current and future business processes.”

Efficientix identifies customer needs by addressing the needs of all levels of the organization, to achieve implementation projects with a high degree of innovation as well as a high return on investment. With their proprietary methodology for the implementation of NetSuite applications in the cloud, Efficientix helps companies reduce risk, cost, and implementation time. At the same time, Efficientix benefits clients by allowing them to increase the quality of deliverables and customer satisfaction.

When customers come to Efficientix, they typically are facing common pain points and challenges that are hindering their daily operations. Oftentimes there are issues with inventory management causing supplies to be unavailable for customer orders. Other problems are with visibility of finances, sales, and receivables. Customers are usually smaller companies that are running their business using a generic accounting program. As they grow, these out-of-the-box programs can no longer meet their needs, however they cannot afford to write their own custom programs. Salas explains, “Efficientix caters to these companies who are suffering from growing pains and need a more robust solution to get their business to the next level.”

Efficientix has a high-level focus on wholesale and retail companies as well as service businesses. A large part of their business is working with retail customers where they provide customized solutions that address the transactions at the store level and how the inventory will be replenished from the main warehouse.

We help our clients achieve their strategic objectives through the efficient use of the NetSuite business application, supporting current and future business processes

Efficientix uses a holistic solution that involves consolidating inventory requirements from the stores to optimize purchasing through suppliers. For example, if the customer is a manufacturer, the solution can also incorporate requirements that need to be sent to the plant. For businesses that sell services as opposed to goods, they can optimize resources by tracking opportunities as they are converted to sales.

ADISA is one of the many customers that Efficientix has been able to help with the NetSuite installation. As a food service provider in Cancun, they need to have a turnkey solution that allows them to meet the food and beverage needs of local hotels and restaurants. Customers place orders and ADISA is expected to source and deliver goods within 24 hours. The fact that most of these perishable supplies come from Mexico City adds another layer of complexity. There is a tight schedule from when they gather the supplies, load the truck, travel to Cancun, and then get routed to their final destination. These complex logistics require precise synchronization between demand and supply. Efficientix engaged with ADISA to provide a solution that offered a consolidated view, which drastically improved their service levels to their end customers.

As they look to the future, the seasoned leadership team at Efficientix is expanding their core areas of expertise to build out their go to market approach. Their vision for expansion is to move into more segments and sub-segments within the retail industry. “Our goal is to seek constant innovation to help our customers improve their business models with cost-effective cloud solutions,” concludes Salas.


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Christian Salas, Director General

Provides implementation services and customized NetSuite solutions that optimize business processes