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Jesse Wood, CEO In today’s digital era, enterprises have to manage a plethora of documents across several business departments, ranging from finance, accounting, and human resources to IT, legal, and more. Managing paper documents manually can result in errors, delays, and high operation costs. This highlights the significance of a well-organized, robust, automated document management system, which is fast, accurate, and reliable. Digital document workflows and management solutions allow users to access the right information at the right time, improve collaboration and engagement, and accelerate turnaround times on common workflows.

At the helm of document management innovation is eFileCabinet.

Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet is an industry-leading provider of best-of-breed, advanced document management system that improves the lives of countless people and helps enterprises achieve their business goals. The company caters to enterprises across the industry verticals, including accounting, human resources, legal, insurance, IT, social care, government, healthcare, and more. From record compliance and security workflow automation to streamlined document management, the company helps customers solve their unique business challenges seamlessly.

“Most people are familiar with messy desktops and structures. Today, companies truly need a system that works for them - automatically keeping their business moving forward,” says Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet. “At eFileCabinet, we help our customers automate and secure repetitive, document-centric processes so they can focus on the work that matters most.” As the most trusted document management partner, eFileCabinet enables enterprises to organize and execute on data effortlessly—all from one dashboard. They can keep a tab on all the employees using workflow automation for document approvals, sharing and organizing, and data visualization to track the progress of work in real-time. As such, eFileCabinet lets customers always hit the ground running to never miss out on any revenue opportunities.

Paving the Path for Effective and Efficient Document Management

eFileCabinet offers Rubex—an advanced, next-gen document management software.
Intuitively designed and simple to use, Rubex is a powerful tool that streamlines and simplifies document management.

The software helps enterprises with a smarter, centralized organization of data, both in the cloud or on-premise.Supporting full-text search with OCR and portfolios for most used documents, Rubex helps customers find their files with just a few clicks or keystrokes. As a SaaS model, Rubex protects business-critical documents with an encrypted connection, allowing companies to access them from a desktop or a mobile app. With Rubex, users can instantly share documents through email attachments and ensure recipients can download them in a secure environment. Rubex also automates the process of data entry by leveraging Zonal OCR, folder templates, and predefined file names, thereby eliminating any room for human error. With the software’s customizable workflow tools, enterprises can automate an assortment of office procedures and speed up approvals.

What’s more, Rubex offers a range of automation features for document routing, folder creation, workflow, and more. Enterprises can build, scale, and streamline day-to-day business processes to improve efficiency. The software can recognize if an uploaded document belongs in a new folder, create the folder, and even name it without any human intervention. Rubex also automatically applies retention rules on documents and even locks them from being deleted or edited.

"Efilecabinet Is Rapidly Expanding Today, Servicing More Companies That More Than Ever Before Need To Bring Better Operational Efficiency To Their Business By Automating Cumbersome Business Processes And Using Intelligent, Secure Document Management"

At the same time, security and compliance tools like two-factor authentication built into Rubex help enterprises manage and control how documents are accessed, stay compliant, and prepare records for audits. System administrators can set up access permissions based on user groups, making it easier to grant access to data only to authorized users. With Rubex’s customized security feature, admins can decide the level of security required for users to enter the system based on the industry requirements.

Scripting Numerous Customer Success Stories

The robust capabilities of eFileCabinet can be best exemplified by the success story of one of its clients, DON Services, a non-profit organization in western Pennsylvania that provides home and community-based services to people with disabilities. The client found themselves in the midst of a mess of paperwork.
While employee tracking was done by manually managing paper spreadsheets, it was extremely tedious to file all papers in paper folders.

eFileCabinet stepped in to help the client solve their document management problems and revolutionize their workload. As a result, the client could completely go paperless and streamline document management efficiently. A glowing testimonial by Justin Mastrantuoni, Director of Human Resources at DON Services, reads: “We were actually able to eliminate every single paper file that was in that paper filing room. And it’s all now done through eFileCabinet, which is now pretty much an essential function for everyday work.”

This is but one instance where eFileCabinet has been instrumental in propelling enterprises toward driving a positive transformation in the way they manage documents. Another stellar review about eFileCabinet’s document management solution by Yvonne Thompson, President of AMES Recordkeeping Services, reads: “I can honestly say since I’ve been on this system, I have never lost a document. Even if it’s placed in the wrong file, I can do a search and retrieve that information. It’s always available.

At Efilecabinet, We Help Our Customers Automate And Secure Repetitive, Document-Centric Processes So They Can Focus On The Work That Matters Most

Ever since its foundation, eFileCabinet has been perfecting its approach to creating an intelligent organization and delivering one of the most advanced document management systems on the market. “eFileCabinet is rapidly expanding today, servicing more companies that more than ever before need to bring better operational efficiency to their business by automating cumbersome business processes and using intelligent, secure document management,” notes Wood. Not resting on its laurels, eFileCabinet continues to innovate the way documents are managed and stays committed to helping enterprises focus on adding more value for their customers.


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Jesse Wood, CEO

eFileCabinet is an industry-leading provider of best-of-breed, advanced document management system that improves the lives of countless people and help enterprises achieve their business goals

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