eFileCabinet: Simplifying the Paperless Revolution

Matt Peterson, CEO
Document management has always been a difficult task in the legal arena. The mismanagement of paperwork such as evidences, court documents, and affidavits can jeopardize the outcome of a case, as well as putting the law firm at a legal risk of their own, should confidential data become lost or stolen. Many law firms still use old-fashioned paper filing systems, which take up space and often led to misplaced and mismanaged documents.

Such mismanagement and misplacement can cause a law firm to waste hours trying to retrieve client files, and can make them unable to quickly respond to customer requests. This type of bottleneck in the legal arena can be negated by a simple, streamlined, and cost-effective Document Management Software (DMS), such as eFileCabinet. “We work with law offices to help attorneys manage and access important data online, for improving their productivity and client service,” explains Matt Peterson, CEO of eFileCabinet. In order to meet this goal, eFileCabinet developed a highly effective DMS to help firms shift from paper to digital documents.

Those working within the legal field experience a huge amount of data inflow on a daily basis, much of which is highly confidential information. Because of the sensitive nature of the data shared in this field of work, law firms need to store data securely in order to protect their case data and their clients’ confidential information. To help achieve this, eFileCabinet offers high-level encryption and in-depth security features, including audit trails and role-based user management. This allows legal professionals to be assured that their case data is not being accessed or shared with unauthorized parties.

As law firms shift from physical to electronic file management systems, eFileCabinet offers both cloud and server solutions eFileCabinet Desktop, eFileCabinet Online, and SecureDrawer to store, search, and share documents at any time and from anywhere. Their suite of products includes a free mobileapp.
“Our downloadable mobile app enables legal professionals to easily access and manage their files directly from the courtroom, thus minimizing the burden of carrying bundles of papers,” affirms Peterson.

We work with law offices to help attorneys manage and access important data online, for improving their productivity and client service

Firms can adopt eFileCabinet as either a software or cloud product and store data either on an on-premise server or on the web. Using a modern, efficient, and cost-effective document management system can save users several hours and dollars. For instance, an eFileCabinet customer on the East Coast with 1200 employees struggled to manage their documents and records, resulting in a failure to track employee activities. Adopting eFileCabinet’s solution enabled this client to manage all 1200 of their employees’ documents in about four months, due to simple and efficient data management software.

In addition, eFileCabinet uses an optical character recognition (OCR) scanner to help improve efficiency in finding information on scanned documents. When a paper document is scanned through the OCR scanner, it is converted into an editable electronic format; this makes them discoverable by allowing clients to search for information contained therein.

eFileCabinet has recently developed a full printer and scanner integration, compatible with the Apple Mac platform, which is slated to be released in November 2015. Pertaining to future projects, Peterson says, “In the coming years, the firm will focus on developing mobile technologies for improving profitability and decreasing labor cost and usage of paper.”


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Matt Peterson, CEO

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