eFlex Systems: Reimagining Production with Integrated MES

George Jewell, VP
“Manufacturers today use a variety of software solutions that include traceability, quality, and maintenance systems to meet specific needs of the plant operations. These solutions are expensive to implement, often fall short on integration needs and lack flexibility,” begins George Jewell, Vice President, eFlex Systems. Each of these solutions are different solutions many times from different providers. “These systems typically don’t communicate to each other, restricting the manufacturer to share and analyze data with other systems for enhanced operations.” Headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI, eFlex Systems provides a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that encompasses web-based lean manufacturing tools and solutions that processes real-time data gathered on the plant floor, statistically pin-points problematic areas, and informs the results to the key stakeholders through an email or a text.

The MES solution by eFlex System also includes eFlex Assembly, a flexible assembly line planning and management solution, for optimizing the management of assembly process. It integrates equipment and manpower on the plant floor to create an intelligent Plug & Play manufacturing system that is globally installed and highly flexible for production, maintenance, and training. With these capabilities, manufacturers are able to eliminate issues such as delay in product launch, lack of production flexibility, and reporting that does’t react to configuration changes automatically. “eFlex Assembly captures the cycle times down to the sub-task level automatically and creates paperless job instructions while configuring manufacturing line,” says Jewell. To ensure Just-in-time scheduling, components should be delivered on time. With eFlex Kitting, manufacturers will have the “right part at the right place at right time.”

While streamlining the assembly and kitting procedures, it is necessary to keep a track of every part’s manufacturing and assembling process. eFlex Track and Trace, a web-based solution with automatic failover provides real-time status of the parts in an operation with sub second response times.“The model based part-flow throughout the process can be easily setup with a drag and drop web interface for each variant,” says Jewell. Additionally, the solution provides visualization of part’s status, real-time and historical information of the operation.

eFlex Assembly captures the cycle times down to the sub-task level automatically and creates paperless job instructions while configuring manufacturing line

In addition to these offerings, the firm also provides eFlex Vision, a solution that stores processed images for each serial number on the plant floor. “This offering ensures the images can be easily retrieved by serial number, operation, and date/ time,” says Jewell.

eFlex Systems has collaborated with leading organizations across the manufacturing segment to deliver significant benefits in their overall manufacturing process and business productivity. Once, a global automobile manufacturer invested a huge amount on its new 6-speed, front-wheel drive transmission assembly line and was seeking a solution to manage the thousands of post-process images that are produced hourly. The auto manufacturer’s inspection system lacked diagnostic capabilities to alert them when Vision systems were trending toward out of specification. The client installed eFlex Vision integrated with cameras for improving the quality by identifying problems and preventing defective parts from reaching the customers. Through the high quality image storage system integrated with inspection cameras, the manufacturer gained a highly reliable system to prevent false rejects, effectively manage warranty claims, and monitor part quality in real-time.

eFlex Systems is building smart scheduling and maintenance systems and aims to provide an end-to-end MES for manufacturers. “For the future, our focus is solely vested in augmenting the capabilities of our products by delivering collaboration, transparency, and the ability to realize increased efficiency,” concludes Jewell.

eFlex Systems

Rochester Hills, MI

George Jewell, VP

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