EGBS Consulting: Enhancing Digital Collaboration

Jimmy Eriksson, Deputy CEO
Today, the technological advancements have resulted in the emergence of new tools, facilitating businesses to function more efficiently. Although, these new tools are being adopted at the workplace, “Users of these systems neither have the time nor the incentive to learn a new system,” begins Jimmy Eriksson, Dpty CEO, EGBS Consulting. As a result, most technologies are not being utilized correctly in the workplace, causing a serious loss of effectiveness. An expert in digitalizing the operations of companies, as well as their external communication with customers and consumers, EGBS Consulting steps in this tumultuous situation to help clients navigate their way out from the sea of problems. “We believe that technology strengthens existing behaviors, so an organization should make sure to design the processes and informal ways of working and then look at technology to strengthen and magnify these behaviors,” says Eriksson.

The company thoroughly reviews the clients’ organization and their users before adapting a particular technology to the people and the business processes. “We assume that users should not be given training in digital tools. If they are not using the technology correctly it should be seen as a failure of implementation and not the users,” asserts Eriksson. At a time when applications and services are making lives easy by solving problems, cognitive technologies such as IBM Watson are being instrumental in enhancing the market technology to a specific user.

The firm’s partnership with IBM also enables them to utilize products from IBM to deliver a platform efficient for digital collaboration to their clients. Alongside, EGBS Consulting invests greatly on innovative technologies to enhance IBM technology measures. For example, the company is working with leading technologies within the collaboration and information area such as IBM Connections and Micro Services in IBM BlueMix. “We have our own tailor made component layer and Graphical User Interface called CGATE™ that uses IBM Connections REST-API and delivers in IBM BlueMix,” adds Eriksson. Besides, the company also builds Mobile Solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) and IBM BlueMix.

We have our own tailor made component layer and Graphical User Interface called CGATE™ that uses IBM Connections REST-API and delivers in IBM BlueMix

For instance, EGBS Consulting built a solution that uses information for check in and out of hotels and lock beacons which the clients can use in their smart phones to open rooms and use resources in the building like gym and swimming pool.

The company’s solutions facilitate numerous clients around multiple sectors to improve their business efficiencies. Once, Salvation Army Sweden approached EGBS Consulting to simplify their complex IBM Connections that consumed a lot of time and money. With the help of CGATE™, EGBS Consulting customized the client’s IBM Connections and made the business processes effortless and enabled them to save time and money.

“Our work is to find and define the existing processes and by observing the user behaviors in the customer organization to create a fully adapted technology solution,” explains Eriksson. This bestows users the ability to seamlessly collaborate with files, living documentation, corporate/location/ group news, business intelligence and data collection and much more.

Presently the firm, with its bench strength of business developers and IBM developers is striving to maintain a unique mix of specialist competences. They also have social scientists, UX-designers, technical architects, and marketing experts to implement solutions right from the concept until it is fully operational. Having enhanced CGATE™ into a multilingual solution, the company is planning to expand geographically in Europe. “We will continue to develop CGATE™ as a Smarter Workforce concept, to involve cognitive and other micro services from Watson to help us make better and faster decisions in our daily work life,” concludes Eriksson.

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Uppsala, Sweden

Jimmy Eriksson, Deputy CEO

Enhancing IBM technology to suit the requirements of specific users

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