eGlobalTech: Cost-Effectively Modernizing the Public Sector

Redundant IT investments, operational inefficiencies, lack of data interoperability and manual processes are examples of challenges faced by the Public Sector as it evolves towards a more technology friendly, modernized ecosystem. eGlobalTech (eGT), based in Arlington, VA, is a company that strives to solve these challenges by securely and cost-efficiently leveraging emerging technologies. With its enterprise wide modernization efforts, the company aims to take government agencies to the forefront of technology, which, in turn, supports workforce retention and improves the quality of services to citizens.

With expertise that spans across business services, cloud services, information technology solutions, information management, and cyber security, eGT provides management and IT consulting services to the Federal Government.

We will work with Federal agencies to help ensure that citizens can get the services they need, when they need them, in the most cost efficient manner possible

Through Strategy and Program Management Support, eGT assists Federal Agencies in developing actionable transformation plans and architectures that can be used to implement their vision. “We also establish large enterprise Program Management Offices using an agile framework that allows our clients to achieve measurable results as quickly as possible,” says Branko Primetica, Senior Vice President, eGT. The company’s cloud computing services develop enterprise cloud strategies and solutions to enable seamless migration without any hiccups. eGT also provides IT solutions with expertise in Open Source platforms and agile development. Finally, to ensure the security of operations, the company supports the implementation of advanced IT security systems while establishing strong cyber security programs.

eGT has formulated two products to support their service offerings—the web-based Total Cost of Ownership model and Cloud Automation Platform (eCAP). The former, which runs on a sophisticated computational engine, can derive an organization’s total cost for a specific IT asset or service.
Branko Primetica, Vice President
It can perform what-if scenario analyses to determine future costs depending on the organization’s IT strategy. The second one, eCAP automates provisioning of entire application stacks on to a cloud environment.

eGT credits success of their solutions to their expert team of employees and the partnerships they have developed with clients. The company runs an innovative eGT Labs where the IT experts develop and test new technologies and provide solutions in response to the client’s needs. “We perform research and industry surveys to keep a pulse on new practices, and technological advances. If we determine that these practices are applicable to our clients, we obtain the required training and work with clients to implement them as appropriate,” says Primetica.

Most of their clients are large Federal Departments like the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Education, and Department of Health and Human Services. The company has been instrumental in many public projects including Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a Government program which provides security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. eGT assists cloud service providers who are looking to become authorized through the FedRAMP concept, business rules, governance structure, templates, and guidance. The company has also worked with the National Institute for Standards and Technology to define common cloud baseline security controls and gained approval from 24 Federal Departments.

Going forward, eGT plans to maintain their innovative culture, collaborative team environment, and the successful delivery of services. “We will work with Federal agencies to help ensure that citizens can get the services they need, when they need them, in the most cost efficient manner possible,” asserts Primetica.


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Branko Primetica, Vice President

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