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Palash Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO
Care is the keyword for today’s healthcare industry. With predictions that a quarter of the world’s population will be above 65 years by 2050 and a large number of them are bound to have chronic health conditions, the demand for a preventive technology is vital. Patients require a continuous monitoring solution to reduce the visits to healthcare providers and enhance the standard of living with better access to medical assistance. The pioneering telehealth solution of eHealthVitals Inc. provides personalized care monitoring to patients and healthcare providers through enhanced remote care health monitoring tools, which reduces future care. Palash Bharadwaj, founder & CEO of eHealthVitals, believes in providing holistic healthcare support that facilitates swift diagnosis and leads the community towards a positive path.

eHealthVitals supports the needs of patients with acute conditions and chronic diseases through real-time healthcare support worldwide. “eHealthVitals® provides a comprehensive, continuous health monitoring through their critical body vitals and communicating with all stakeholders to improve outcomes and reduce costs, as the application is supported both on web and mobile,” explains Bharadwaj. The solution of eHealthVitals is integrated with biometric monitoring components, sensors and communication methods, which provide the health professionals with a comprehensive health data of the patients. Bharadwaj understands that the end users who are to benefit most from any healthcare technology are majorly from among the geriatric populace. The elderly people are mostly technologically inexperienced and are unable to reap the full benefit of health applications and wearable technologies. Consequently, eHealthVitals circumvents these predicaments by providing access to their monitoring solution through tablets, which is easier to use. On the other hand, the challenges faced by the medical professionals are that most e-health solutions provide an enormous amount of daily data on patient’s health, which is irrelevant and unnecessary. eHealthVitals’ solution integrates with the EMR and processes the massive amount of patient data collected on a daily basis to provide a comprehensive and coherent report.
The report highlights only the extreme variations in vital metrics compared to normal and the necessary alerts.

We continuously monitor needs and critical body vitals at home with applications supported both in web and mobile

Bharadwaj also highlights the need for patients with chronic conditions to cope and adapt to several lifestyle changes, which are simplified by eHealthVitals’ continuous monitoring solution. The solution monitors heart rates, blood pressure, glucose level, oxygen level, food habits, sleep patterns, activity level, psychological and physiological changes of the patient. This comprehensive data is analyzed thoroughly and presented in an uncomplicated format that helps the medical professionals be aware of the symptoms and enables the patient to adhere to the recommended changes.

Bharadwaj recalls an instance where a 59-year-old, who has undergone two cardio surgeries, had to maintain a strict diet of low sodium and take 12-14 pills a day. The eHealthVital’s solution helped her adhere to the regimen recommended by doctors, create reminders for her pill intake and send alerts to her healthcare givers during anomalies such as increased heart rate throughout the day. The solution has also helped her keep track of other changes in her daily activity.

eHealthVitals is looking forward to integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its solution as well as using augmented reality to create a virtual training simulation for patients to provide a better care strategy. Bharadwaj concludes, “At eHealthVitals we believe in community involvement, well-rounded healthcare system, and personal touch with patients to help them learn and adapt to the lifestyle changes. This value is illustrated through our maxim ‘from see and treat to predict and prevent’.”

eHealthVitals Inc

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Palash Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO

Provides holistic ehealth monitoring solution for preventive care

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