EidosMedia: Create, leverage and Distribute Information

Mark Nolan, Director
Most organizations today have tons of information stored across their departments, and yet, the absence of a solution to derive context out of that information often results in loss of business opportunities. Multiple siloed applications employed to manage different business functions impede aggregation, analysis, and insights imprisoned in the existing content and information. Geared to address these challenges is EidosMedia, an end-to-end enterprise information management (EIM) platform company that helps companies leverage the information quickly for various business use cases. “Our unique content services platforms Methode and Cobalt replace over a dozen applications that help in harnessing the data and information to the maximum,” says Mark Nolan, Director, EidosMedia. With EidosMedia Platform, clients can launch new products quickly, explore new and existing revenue channels, and improve their service delivery across multiple channels.

At the outset of a client engagement, the firm understands whether the client aims to just improve their productivity or drive increased revenue goals. Driven by a collaborative approach, clients can either source information from their existing data sources or leverage EidosMedia’s inbound team to ingest both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. The platform’s content creation and authoring function uses artificial intelligence to automate the content authoring process. Utilizing the microservices architecture clients can ingest and curate point of information from diverse sources easily. The platform also offers high levels of interoperability and native orchestration layer to improve collaboration in business process through workflow efficiencies and task management. Further, the visualization feature enables customers to reassemble data in a manner they can work coherently with the technology team to realize a data product.

In a unique controlled environment, clients can either send all the data to all the channels instantly or send a fraction of the data to select recipients. The distribution of content, reports and information across multiple channels can be done using EidosMedia’s native multi-channel distribution features, or proven APIs.
Virendra Naykude, General Manager & MD, North America

In fact, clients can also distribute their information as a separate service using this API. The financial services industry is enthusiastic about using EidosMedia API to build an ecosystem of services and apps in their investment research. “Our platform offers seamless delivery of information to a multitude of digital channels including web, mobile, social media, and news platforms,” says Virendra Naykude, GM, North America of the company. EidosMedia works with top four of the five global financial services firms, enabling their investment research. “We are already helping top global banks in conducting research across different asset classes and distributing the information across multiple channels.”

Eidosmedia cites case of research client that continues to be able to deliver thousands of investment research reports annually across multiple channels while driving more than 30% productivity improvement and delivering relevant cost savings. EidosMedia’s platform provides the customer with powerful integration and business process layer that delivered higher level of automation within research aggregation, ingestion and mash-up of financial data, enriched content automation through Natural language generation (NLG), NLP and AI integration capabilities. Thereby clients are able to significantly improve time to market and reduce costs while delivering high value information to their end customers.

Over the past 18 years EidosMedia has grown organically across the globe and powers majority of the world’s leading newsrooms. The company aims to expand into wealth management and advisory services, and was recently chosen by the U.S. federal Government to provide an “Integrated Research and Information Management” system, it’s first in the public sector, and is actively engaged in life science research opportunities, and more. “From a geographic and market share perspective, we have drawn an expansion blueprint focused on deepening our penetration in financial services and public sector markets, and looking to increase our footprint in North America,” concludes Naykude.


New York, NY

Mark Nolan, Director and Virendra Naykude, General Manager & MD, North America

EidosMedia is a diverse global team of specialists in Enterprise content management.  The company has continuously sought out the best technological innovations and translates them into solutions that work for the enterprises in all sectors. EidosMedia’s work is driven by the needs and interests of customers to maximize the values added to the activities. The team’s enthusiasm drives the company to take pride and pleasure in the routine delivery of excellence. The people are EidosMedia’s most valuable resource and aim to create an environment to reach their potential fully