EITE: Enterprise Architecture for Digital Ecosystems

Ravi Vegesna, Director
With the advent of digitalization, the approach to traditional enterprise architecture has been undergoing a sea change in terms of technology utilization and business economics. For enterprises to be successful, they need to develop an IT ecosystem which is flexible and perfectly aligned with their business strategy. Capitalizing on wide-ranging experience in IT consulting across industries, EITE (Enterprise IT Experts) assists organizations in propelling their business growth through IT planning, IT alignment, infrastructure optimization, and application streamlining. “Businesses today need to set up enterprise architecture in a way that it can support their digital initiatives,” says Ravi Vegesna, Director at EITE. The team at EITE leverages data driven analysis to detect existing issues, minimize potential risks, and identify opportunities where after they help clients implement customized, proven methodologies to build effective digital platform.

At the outset, the EITE team determines which market segment the client belongs in so they can figure out a suitable IT ecosystem for the latter. Based on this knowledge, the team further analyzes what the client is presently engaged in, what are their business policies, and what industrial trends they are following. Having garnered the required information, the team makes a final report incorporating details on the clients' assets as well as their weak points. Later, EITE's consulting experts build a roadmap for the client, pinpointing how they can optimize their existing system while also readying them to face probable challenges in a way that they can actively support their business. "We have developed an agile methodology to deliver value to our customers, and we are refining it over the years based on the user experience," Vegesna adds.

On the technology front, EITE brings years of experience in advising companies on their SAP strategy and worldwide implementations. In keeping with this legacy, the firm assists clients in aligning their SAP systems with their business visions thereby procuring full value out of migrating, archiving, and withdrawing legacy applications.

We have developed an agile methodology to deliver value to our customers, and we are refining it over the years based on the user experience

To this end, EITE offers SAP QA audit services that can navigate clients through the SAP lifecycle right from early deployment to SAP infrastructure and operational support. In addition to SAP, the team at EITE lays special emphasis on the utilization of cloud services. Furthermore, the team recommends an enterprise architecture wherein users can quickly plug and play any cloud solution to their central system.

In the course of their long-standing consulting presence serving global customers across various industries, EITE has become well acquainted with various businesses in manufacturing, supply chain, finance, logistics, and more. In particular, Vegesna recalls the instance of a diversified specialty chemicals portfolio that was dealing with inefficient planning cycles owing to dispersed local systems and related processes. Hence, the client was looking for a central planning team to ensure unity of members and global decisions. At this juncture, EITE came into the scene and designed an integrated planning system that was competent to run a global S&OP process. The system enabled multi-level hierarchical planning along with integration to profitability analysis while automating planning calculations via a series of mass processing routines to ensure consistency. With EITE’s solution in place, the client was able to quickly analyze ‘what-ifs’ with profitability views to drive better organization-wide decision making.

EITE’s stronghold in the market and deep-rooted expertise on SAP is what makes the company stand apart from the rest and deliver independent, vendor-neutral IT solutions. Drawing on this extensive business knowledge and utilizing latest trends, the company leaves no stone unturned in procuring the best solutions for its users.


McKinney, TX

Ravi Vegesna, Director

Draws on global experience across industries and technologies to help solve companies’ most complex IT challenges