EKASYS: A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Anamika Vyas, President & CEO
When many companies try to expand their profits, they often look to bolster their sales or product development departments. However, IT is one area that can actually be capitalized on to streamlining businesses and making them more profitable overall. This is because through effective Enterprise Architecture (EA), companies can become agile, stronger, and more efficient.

EKASYS is a technology company that is on a mission to help businesses become more successful (achieve new levels of excellence) through exciting IT products and services. EKASYS’ products and services deal with business processes, data, content, systems, applications, and other areas. “We are a solution provider that focuses on EA from development, integration, infrastructure and policy to document management, data analytics, and metadata management—we look at it as a whole,” says Larry Atherton, Director of Business Development, EKASYS.

EKASYS’ President and CEO, Anamika Vyas explains that EKASYS’ primary aim is to help businesses “adopt some of the best practices of EA, across the board, from business functions to technology implementation.” In other words, Atherton and Vyas do not just want to help individual components of a business, they want to look at the entire business and provide technology based solutions that can help the entire business function. EKASYS helps companies by providing strategic services, software engineering services, systems, and network engineering services, content management services, data warehousing and business intelligence services, training and documentation services, data center and cloud migration services and others.

For instance, one of their customers failed in audit as they lacked records management capabilities. “Based on the ‘do more with less’ principle; we helped the client collect the data, manage it, and apply it to retention schedule in a streamlined manner. We built a solid process and transformed their document management system into a fully functioning and efficient system to achieve records management in real-time,” shares Anamika.

Everyone’s trying to ‘do more with less’ and we’re trying to help them do that

According to Atherton, “We do enterprise architecture; we do what we do, because we want to help maximize the return on investment. We get information where it needs to be, as fast as we possibly can.” The type of services that EKASYS provides are extremely important for many companies in today’s economy. This is because technology is an area that many businesses are constantly looking to improve to get ahead of their competition. If a company can automate more of its business processes and use IT applications to be more efficient or profitable, then this can help it to grow and gain more market share.

EKASYS is there to help companies who are looking to capitalize on streamlining capabilities through IT. They operate independently from suppliers, manufacturers, government agencies, and common carriers. So, it can easily be contracted. Atherton believes that EKASYS has a lot to offer many businesses across industries. “While we might not be going out and making money for you as a company, we’re now saving you money by automating business processes, streamlining your processes, and helping organizations come up with a better, faster, stronger, and leaner organization.” Further expanding on the innovative services that the company provides, Vyas says, “Everyone’s trying to ‘do more with less’ and we’re trying to help them do that.”

Going forward, EKASYS will continue to innovate and generate technological solutions for companies in creative ways. EKASYS is set to keep figuring out how IT services can help the needs of clients. Staying in stride with new technology, EKASYS will keep adding innovative solutions to its portfolio of services. This will help EKASYS achieve sustained growth and prosperity well into the future.


Herndon, VA

Anamika Vyas, President & CEO and Larry Atherton, Director of Business Development & CTO

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