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Michael Ambros, Founder & CEO
Often in today’s competitive marketplace, customers spend more, return more, and based on their experience; they share their feedback on social media channels or through Net Promoter Scores (NPS). However, how does a company know if its customers are happy? For a long time, customer ratings served as the pivotal yardstick for analyzing happy customers. However, the problem, today, is that feedbacks are difficult to trust, regulate and is extremely challenging to be used as a source of actionable insights. In this mix, a simple, cost-effective rating system that can validate customers’ feedback can be quintessential in comprehending the customers’ unique needs. This is where eKomi’s robust SaaS social commerce technology platform comes in. As a Google worldwide partner, eKomi’s platform has published over 50,000,000 reviews for customers and enabled them to boost trust, sales, along with increasing their organic traffic. Powered by out-of-the-box social commerce technology, the platform enables businesses to generate seller ratings, customer reviews, social recommendations, and create dynamic effects on websites, social media, and search engines for successfully generating revenues. “Our platform consolidates customers’ reviews and experiences to aid organizations in managing all facets of customer interactions,” says Michael Ambros, Founder and CEO, eKomi.

Further, Ambros mentions that it becomes difficult for companies to identify authentic reviews due to the number of negative reviews given by fake customers. Today, anybody can open a company’s website and give bad reviews about them even if he/she has not been there. To this end, the firm does transaction-based reviews for authenticating customer feedback and accordingly rates them to create a realistic picture of their services. “The only mechanism to overcome fake reviews is engaging with more customers’ as most of them are generally satisfied with the services.” Ambros points out that the fundamental problem with negative feedback is that companies do not know what to do with it. “We allow consumers to leave reviews enticingly to paint a comprehensive picture of their experience. So we have customers, employees and product opinions all in one platform.”

Our platform consolidates customers’ reviews and experience to aid organizations in managing all facets of customer interactions

The platform has multiple channels for gathering feedback including SMS, QR codes, and emails. This provides a seamless channel for consumers to give their point and share their experience. “After collecting the feedback, we integrate it into Google AdWords and Google Shopping for increasing the conversion rate and sales.” The firm is committed to delivering authentic and better reviews from consumers to aid its client in driving sales and improving conversion rates.

Over the years, the firm has assisted more than 14,000 companies to increase sales and drive organic traffic with its social commerce solution. In one instance, AXA, one of the leading insurance companies wanted to reinvigorate their CX monitoring system to address customer complaints and subsequently optimize their experience. To address this issue, AXA partnered with eKomi to instantly capture feedback from clients, manage, and analyze it to prioritize improvements. With the platform, AXA leveraged insights to upscale customer experiences and captured valuable insights from its clients. Owing to the robust third-party management systems of the eKomi’s platform, AXA has raised the bar of insurance customer experience management and is working to bring a more trustworthy approach to insurance continually.

In the years ahead, eKomi intends to continue to help its clients in improving brand values through excelling customer experiences. “Our goal is to constantly improve customer experiences with digital marketing strategies and aid companies in reaching their business objectives,” concludes Ambros.


Beverly Hills, CA

Michael Ambros, Founder & CEO

Renders a web-based Social Commerce solution, to proactively collect product, customer reviews, and seller ratings from real customers