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Mark Richards, Consulting Partner
In today’s world, data is growing exponentially in all areas. Data integration is the process of making sense out of that data; transforming, correcting, cleansing and optimizing it for reporting or analysisan important part of any business, particularly ones that may be merging systems or consolidating applications. EKS&H is a one stop solution provider from data analysis and movement through reporting and visualization of data, but instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects, they take a business oriented approach. “By starting from information visualization and working upstream, we can frame the concepts of data integration for a specific solution,” says Mark Richards, Consulting Partner at EKS&H. “Collaboration and discussion of ‘the art of the possible’ are huge components of our solution.”

For EKS&H, there is more to being a trusted business advisor than just providing solid recommendations. “We want to help firms make the right decisions and be confident in their data and reporting,” adds Richards. He believes that today’s data visualization tools allow exploration of the data in much more meaningful and impactful ways than was the case even a few years ago, as long as the data is available to support them. “It is important to be able to showcase these different visualizations with the client educate and empower them to help craft solutions that best fit their needs,” explains Richards.

One of the company’s most popular services is their ‘system assessment/ roadmap’ offering. The EKS&H team spends several days at a client site exploring the ‘what, why, and how’ of the business what is the problem, why does it exist, and how can we help fix it. “This is a very intensive phase where we ensure we interact 100 percent with the client staff, and dig deep with questions to uncover issues and needs of the organization,” adds Richards. “We also facilitate, educate, and whiteboard ideas to strategize possible solutions.”

Our key differentiator is our business-focused approach to technology solutions, and our one-stop-shop offering

This service allows clients to get a good feel for what it’s like to collaborate and partner with EKS&H, and gives EKS&H the opportunity to learn more about a client’s needs and requirements.

This approach allows EKS&H to design solutions that directly address customers’ needs. For example, a recent client was required to build a financial statistics report each year. Previously, the client had outsourced the service to another consulting company who took several months each year to create it. The entire process was a ‘black box.’ EKS&H worked with business staff to encapsulate their business logic into a repeatable extract, transform, load (ETL) process, created simplified reporting off of that, and provided hands on training to the client; as a result, it now takes minutes each year for the client to complete the process themselves, leaving them several months to review the data, both saving time and money and increasing confidence in the data.

EKS&H takes pride in their employees and regularly holds internal team brainstorming sessions in which they share client experiences, tricks and tips. “It is a very collaborative and empowering exchange of ideas where everybody has a voice and an opinion,” says Richards. “We take the same approach we use with clients and apply it internally.”

EKS&H recently opened an office in San Francisco to meet the needs of their clients in the Pacific region as well as to expand the client base. “We want to partner with our clients and help them realize their vision. After all, that is what being a trusted business advisor is all about,” concludes Richards.


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Mark Richards, Consulting Partner

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