eKuber Ventures: Helping Federal Agencies to Keep Up with Technology

Ajay Srivastava, MD
Cloud, Collaboration, Social Media, Open Source, Open API and Mobility are the latest set of technologies that offer never-before-experienced connectivity, communication, transparency and productivity at cheaper prices—disrupting the business models of most organizations. To leverage these technologies, the U.S. federal agencies are on “Cloud First” program. The purpose of the program is to reduce total investment by the federal government in information technology spending, as well as realize other stated advantages of cloud adoption—efficiency, accessibility, collaboration, and security. eKuber Ventures, based in Herndon, VA, is a federal market focused solutions provider, supporting federal agencies and in particular GSA’s (General Services Administration) Office of CIO Salesforce implementation to meet “Cloud First” requirements mandated by the President Barack Obama.

In a contracting and funding environment that is not flexible, eKuber has delivered solutions, utilizing agile methodologies implementing Salesforce, Google and AWS solutions and applications that cut the “Concept to Delivery” cycle time from 6 months to 6 weeks. “We have built some 35 applications on Salesforce and our solutions, such as Spend Tracker align with Obama’s “PortfolioStat” mandate to offer transparency in spending and performance; improve governance and public service; and offer collaboration anytime, anywhere, with anyone,” says Ajay Srivastava, MD, eKuber Ventures.

eKuber also helps build and maintain the GSA.gov, m.GSA.gov and the intranet “Insite” for GSA’s 20,000 workforce in an open source framework developed on Apache, Tomcat and Java. Built with features adopted from Web Content Management Systems (CMS), the platform is highly scalable to address occasional surges in volume of visitors and is maintained by a minimal resources pool.

With its knowledge and experience in building and maintaining CMS for federal agencies, eKuber has implemented web services to extend CMS data to other systems and integrate SalesForce Chatter feeds using REST (Representational State Transfer) API.

We are engaged in growing and transforming our clients through flawless execution and cutting edge technology

“With eKuber’s expertise in data.gov, clients can analyze existing data sets for efficiency in reporting and sharing,” says Ajay. The company, recognizing the future of mobile applications and its relationship to cloud is leveraging its experience in supporting federal agencies as to transform business critical desktop/web-based applications to mobile and cloud-based applications. “Our application experts are experienced with iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry environments and are certified secure coders, building security into every application eKuber builds,” explains Srivastava.

eKuber is known for the success stories of its federal government agency and enterprise clients in the area of cloud strategy and application development, migration (Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and AWS), and mobile solutions. The company has garnered several Federal and State and local clients including GSA, DoE, DHS, Navy, states of Colorado and Philadelphia. eKuber is implanting a Salesforce based sales and service cloud solution for Philadelphia’s 311 initiative.

The company has also helped GSA deliver a rapid application development platform in the cloud that is built on Salesforce and Google to solve additional business challenges and automate the most complicated processes.

Continuing on the success of the previous years, eKuber is on its way to reduce the IT spending of Federal agencies. “eKuber and GSA are being requested by other federal agencies and state governments to share the architecture, governance, security and standards, best practices and lessons learned,” says Srivastava. The company is also planning to make strategic acquisitions to expand its portfolio of services and footprints in new markets.

eKuber Ventures

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Ajay Srivastava, MD

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