Elastic Cloud Gate: Ameliorating Enterprises AWS Deployment

Remek Hetman, Founder & CEO
Today, with cloud computing, AWS features not only reduce costs of implementing recovery strategies but also make the operational processes much easier to configure. “However, when it comes to the IT infrastructure, whether it is on-premise, virtual or on the cloud, one of the major challenges for companies is to be prepared for any kind of disaster that might hit the servers. In case of a disaster, the IT department must be ready and quick to restore servers and bring them back to operational state. This can be facilitated by AWS infrastructure services. Often, AWS deployment is a rising challenge for businesses. Headquartered at, Natick, MA, Elastic Cloud Gate has the required competencies and the expertise to implement AWS in a dexterous manner to help organizations prevent disasters and derive maximum benefits.

Elastic Cloud Gate helps the clients to devise and implement strategies to protect data by taking timely backups and avoid any kind of losses that might be incurred in the event of a downtime. The company serves the clients by meticulously focusing on AWS Management, Automation, Security, Backups and Disaster Recovery.

To help companies leverage the most value from an AWS deployment and acquire top-flight performance, versatility, and security with the least expenditure of resources, Elastic Cloud Gate’s products come with many features. Some of them include EC2 Scheduler, Auto Scaling, Security Management, Disaster Recovery and Monitoring. The company aims to provide advanced solutions for users who need help in automating and optimizing their AWS management tasks. “We provide assistance in managing AWS tasks that cannot be managed directly from the AWS console,” says Hetman. The company also helps the clients to manage the user limits for granting access permissions to various functions of AWS. “The clients can track their billing and resource utilization directly from the Elastic Cloud Gate portal,” affirms Hetman.
Using its expertise in the AWS platform, Elastic Cloud Gate has been able to meet the needs of many clients. In an instance, Elastic Cloud Gate’s client a foreign government agency needed help with the backups of their servers. They were struggling to maintain copies of all of their EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) servers and EBS (Elastic Block Store) volumes.They also required tools to reduce AWS bills by shutting down EC2 server based on the scheduler. “Our portal helped them to not only schedule backups of EC2 instances and EBS volumes on regular and periodic basis, but also automated copying of EC2 images to different AWS region,” states Hetman. In the end, the agency restored servers even in the case of outage of the primary region. Furthermore, the agency was able to reduce the monthly AWS bill by automating the period for which the servers ran and shut them down overnight.

Elastic Cloud Gate is profoundly client-centric and is primarily driven by the needs of the clients. “80 percent of the features we add are based on the requests received from our clients,” claims Hetman. “We are not adding new features just because we think they might be useful for clients, but because the clients need them,” he adds.

We provide assistance in managing AWS tasks that cannot be managed directly from the AWS console

In the future, one of the major milestones Elastic Cloud Gate intends to achieve is to take their services to the next level. Elastic Cloud Gate aims at making AWS services more robust, reliable, and flexible by allowing its clients to have an easy access to the solutions. “We are also planning to develop a mobile app that will allow pushing all AWS alerts directly to clients’ phones,” concludes Hetman.

Elastic Cloud Gate

Natick, MA

Remek Hetman, Founder & CEO

Elastic Cloud Gate is the exclusive SaaS solution provider for advanced managing and automation of Amazon AWS resources.