Elastx: Application Automation and Operation on OpenStack

Joakim Ohman, CEO
Companies in the OpenStack landscape are on a mission to find cost effective and faster ways to meet everything that the application needs, including managing database servers, load balancers, application servers, and horizontal scaling. The key is time to market and novel solutions to help companies become faster and be more efficient in their development process. Focused on cloud-based applications, organizations today seek powerful infrastructure services to meet their customer’s increasing demands. Well positioned to cater to their needs at this juncture is Stockholm, Sweden based Elastx—a provider of private platform as a service (PaaS) as well as packed services for clients.

“We work with companies who develop their own services and help them become quicker in their development process,” explains Joakim Öhman, CEO, Elastx. Öhman elucidates that the container technology is trending in the OpenStack space and though Elastx aimed to build everything on container technology initially but Openstack wasn't ready for that. Additionally, Öhman also sees a high demand for bare metal machines. “We build our own solutions around the same, until the Ironic project is fully matured,” Ohman says. The company believes that automating the infrastructure is just half way to the goal. Elastx automates it all the way up to the applications and supports the real business needs. “That’s the focus of what we do with our cloud offering and the services we have around the platform. However, it depends on how to automate and build the private platform as a service on top of OpenStack,” Öhman adds.

The company focuses on the cloud delivery model of IT and helps customers to support and implement the cloud operations. Moreover, Elastx’s 24/7 full stack support is an important element in delivering success to their customers. The company also provides professional services, by supporting the customers to run the OpenStack platform itself. Elastx provides full stack support to fully understand and support the customer needs when bringing an application from code to production.

The focus is to bring the automation from the infrastructure up to the final goal to have everything automated to support the customer’s needs

Focused on customer satisfaction, Elastx’s staff meets each of their customers personally, to understand their challenges and provides cost effective innovative solutions to tackle the same. In an interesting example, Elastx worked closely with a publishing house and offered them professional and infrastructure services to meet their requirement. With automation and API’s the company set up the right solution to the client for their project which would have slowed down otherwise.

By prioritizing customer needs and building effective solutions to solve their impediments, Elastx does not limit itself to the infrastructure platform. “The focus is to bring the automation from the infrastructure up-to the final goal to have everything automated to support the customer’s needs,” Öhman reckons. The company is also working on offering customer driven packaged solutions based on client demands. “Our developers tend to create more by developing innovative features and functions for our customers. We also prioritize on the security of these applications to achieve our end goals,” he adds.

In the days to come, the company is focused on adding more performance and security to their existing platform. Elastx is also keen on expanding the number of data centers in Sweden and to support more integrated services within the platform. To achieve their mission, the company aims to have a fully integrated and managed platform to ensure customer satisfaction.


Stockholm, Sweden

Joakim Ohman, CEO

Offering Platform as a Service (PaaS) and consultancy services within areas of cloud automation and operation