Elateral: Automating Multi-channel Content Generation

Winning in marketing today hinges on making more relevant, authentic, and engaging connections with target markets. Delivering more relevant information and more meaningful and authentic experiences can drive considerable rewards. In fact, 30 to 40 percent (or higher) improvements in target outcomes like sales conversions is fairly common among marketers who have cracked the code on multi-channel relevance. Increased relevance in marketing communications can also drive stronger brand affinity and loyalty, while reducing customer churn and increasing lifetime value.

It’s no wonder marketers are investing an unprecedented amount on technologies designed to enable precision multi-channel marketing. From analytics, planning and reporting systems; to campaign, content, asset and dialog management systems; social, mobile, email, and print syndication and delivery platforms, marketers are racing full speed ahead to the new holy grail of individualized multi-channel marketing.

Unfortunately, as many marketers discover, precision marketing requires more content than most can comprehend, let alone keep up with. Delivering relevant and engaging experiences, across an expanding array of communication channels while staying relevant, requires orders of magnitude more content. This adds unthinkable cost, complexity, and compliance risks. For most organizations, even with related marketing technologies in place, achieving this mission critical outcome is overwhelming.

“While precision marketing has become a competitive necessity in today’s world, conventional content production methods simply cannot cope,” says Perry Kamel, Elateral CEO. “The costs, complexity, and compliance risks are staggering to even the most savvy marketers. It’s time to reimagine content production.”

Having served as the Co-Founder of Accenture Interactive and personally furthering the fusion of technology and marketing throughout his career, Kamel notes, “More often than not enterprises fail to scale and sustain precision multi-channel marketing primarily due to challenges associated with producing and managing the content required for success.” This is where Elateral comes in.

Elateral automates multi-channel content production. Elateral’s patent-pending innovations empower all marketers to automate content production for all media—social, mobile, email, web, print, point-of-sale, 2D, 3D and even video.

Due to automation and democratization of content production, Elateral’s clients consistently save 90 percent or more on the cost of generating and adapting content

“Due to automation and democratization of content production, our clients consistently save 90 percent or more on the cost of generating and adapting content,” notes Kamel. “Our solution also allows marketers to produce content at a fraction of the time while maintaining bullet-proof compliance with brand standards and regulatory requirements.” As a result, marketers can create more relevant content, enabling them to unleash the full potential of their marketing technology investments by delivering more relevant, authentic, and engaging experiences for consumers in meaningful and mutually-rewarding ways.

Elateral and its partners provide a suite of unique services that enhance value on many levels, and has actually saved brands millions of dollars in content production costs within months of implementation. Based on actual results across clients, the company uses a predictive model to calculate potential savings for each client. This “Value Target” is then used to create a “Value Roadmap,” again based on actual client experiences, which shows an achievable timeline for capturing the savings. With a Value Target and corresponding Value Roadmap in place, Elateral then provides a monthly Value Scorecard which shows each client’s actual value delivered against its target value roadmap.

“By systematically tracking and reporting actual vs. targeted value, our clients enjoy an unusually high success rate in delivering remarkable savings,” notes Kamel. “Our platform, which can be implemented very quickly and non-disruptively, typically delivers first value within 60 days, with full payback within 90 days of launch.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons that 80 percent of Elateral’s clients have won third-party awards for high-value marketing innovation.


Surrey, UK

Perry Kamel, CEO

Automates marketing content production across all formats and channels, such as digital, print, mobile, even video