Electric Cloud: Powering Software-Driven Innovation through Continuous Delivery

Steve Brodie, CEO
Today, every business is a software business, and staying competitive in a software-driven economy means organizations must deliver quality software faster than ever before. Yet, the changing business environment, distributed teams and infrastructure, code and tool chain complexity, inter-product dependencies and more all make software delivery a challenge.

For over a decade, Electric Cloud has been helping large enterprises automate and accelerate their software delivery, to improve the productivity of their teams and release software-based innovation to the market faster, and with better quality. “ElectricFlow – our DevOps automation and end-to-end Continuous Delivery platform-automates the entire software delivery pipeline, from the code the developer checks-in, through testing, deployment to the various environment, all the way through to Production release,” says Steve Brodie, CEO, Electric Cloud.

A myriad of point-tools are involved in every organization’s software production—from development tools, test tools, infrastructure and virtualization tools, ops monitoring, and so on. For example—a large telecommunications customer of the company counted more than 56 different tools used in their pipeline, with silos of automation. The challenge was to manage all of them as part of a coordinated process, with no manual handoffs or bottlenecks.

By providing an enterprise-grade orchestration platform, ElectricFlow enables customers to integrate and automate a disparate set of CI and DevOps tools. This automation significantly accelerates all aspects of the software delivery process, reduces the frequency of errors caused by manual processes, and helps ensure compliance and auditability requirements are met. This centralized management and visibility of the entire software delivery pipeline–no matter how complex–improves developer productivity and time-to-market, while streamlining operations, lowering costs, and eliminating risk through repeatability and auditability. ElectricFlow provides a dashboard with intuitive workflow visualization, as well as real-time and historical trend reporting.
It offers real-time insights into cloud environments, application versions, artifacts, resource usage, pending approvals and running tasks providing traceability to identify exceptions and maintaining compliance.

Electric Cloud accelerates your DevOps transformation by allowing you to use the tools your teams are used to more effectively, with shared management, visibility, and control

Some customer examples are E*Trade and Gap, Inc., who were able to plug-in their entire tool chain into ElectricFlow and auto¬mate their end-to-end pipeline to achieve 12X and 92 percent faster delivery rates, respectively. GE Healthcare achieved 75 percent improved infrastructure utilization. Lockheed Martin achieved 90X faster auditability—whenever they had to issue a compliance report, the automation easily produced their one-click audit trail. ElectricAccelerator, the company’s build and test acceleration solution, delivers up to 20X faster builds and test, for customers such as Dell, Cisco, Qualcomm, and others.

The goal of Continuous Delivery (CD) is to keep software release-ready at all times, and enable a repeatable, reliable way to release software to any environment. Yet, many large enterprises are having challenges adopting a DevOps mindset or achieving even the prerequisites for CD, such as Agile or Continuous Integration.

“Software delivery and IT productivity across any vertical is becoming most important. Electric Cloud is a company dedicated to helping large enterprises-(‘The Horses’) adopt and scale DevOps and Continuous Delivery to accelerate software innovation,” concludes Brodie.

Electric Cloud

San Jose, CA

Steve Brodie, CEO

Electric Cloud helps industry leaders deliver release-ready software by automating and accelerating DevOps release processes at scale