ElectroMagneticWorks: Coupling Multiple Physics Simulations in One 3D Model

Ahmed Khebir, General Manager
3D simulation is setting new benchmarks in the field of engineering. “It is a key enabling technology that bridges the gap between an idea and a viable product,” says Ahmed Khebir, General Manager, ElectroMagneticWorks (EMWorks). Although, 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications have made it possible to model high-resolution, high-precision, and dynamic 3D structures for complex business processes, there still exists a challenge for software providers to couple multiple physics simulations on a single model. To address these challenges, EMWorks, a provider of electromagnetic software and simulation tools, embeds simulation inside leading 3D CAD packages like SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and ANSYS SpaceClaim. “Our packages are enablers of these trends by providing electromagnetic simulation from Maxwell’s equations with integrated thermal, motion, and structural simulations,” asserts Khebir.

EMWorks has a wide range of products that enables industries to shift their product development toward a simulation-driven process, in turn enhancing productivity and cost gains with shortened time-to-market cycles. To begin with, the company’s EMS is a 3D CAD-integrated electromagnetic and electromechanical simulator software suite, based on finite element method that targets four main areas—electromechanical, electromagnetic, power electronics, and electromagnetic behavior. “EMS is ideal for low range electromagnetic frequency applications such as motor development and testing, generator projects, metal detector design, and eddy current simulation,” states Khebir.

To cover high frequency applications, EMWorks has designed HFWorks, a fully integrated microwave design and antenna software application. “HFWorks is specifically built to target the areas of antennas, S-parameters, and resonance, as the need for sophisticated wireless products keeps increasing,” adds Khebir. In addition, EMWorks also offers Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System (ATLASS), an affordable calculation tool for transmission line and microwave design support needs. “Our calculation tool allows designers to measure the dimension of the transmission lines based on their desired electrical properties and vice versa,” states Khebir. EMWorks also offers SimClaim, a simulation package that is embedded in ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD package for designers to assess performance simulations of their model at an early design stage.

Our packages are enablers of these trends by providing electromagnetic simulation from Maxwell’s equations with integrated thermal, motion, and structural simulations

EMWorks’ products and services encourage developers to ensure superior customer experience by paying heed to their needs and guiding them efficiently. The company offers a complete range of licensing options and pricing models for customers and presents a great return on investment. Its web-based training enables customers to leverage their entire product features, making them much more productive and efficient.

EMWorks is wholly committed as a simulation partner that constantly monitors the trends in the simulation realm to better serve clients. One such beneficiary is Ford Motor Company, which was challenged to simulate a variety of subsystems like magnetic clutches and breaks for their modern cars. By leveraging EMWorks’ embedded simulation in SOLIDWORKS, the engineers are now able carry out the simulation process during the early design stages with manageable complexity by focusing on the key electrical, electromechanical, and electro-thermal subsystems.

A step ahead, EMWorks aims to build a new web portal for customers to access their resources and share experiences with the development and technical support teams. As most of their products complement mechanical and fluidic simulation technology, the company will continue to hold the synergy with SOLIDWORKS to bring about new innovations in the simulation domain. “Moving forward, we will be expanding our product portfolio with the addition of new circuit simulation technology with built-in 3D reality capability,” concludes Khebir.


Montreal, Canada

Ahmed Khebir, General Manager

A provider of electromagnetic software and simulation tools based on finite element method.