Electronics Service: Providing Holistic EMP and EMI Protection for Platforms and Electronic Systems

Mike Vibbert, Founder & President
The destructive potential of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) has been portrayed vividly in many films and stories. The Hollywood production “Battlefield 4” depicts EMP weapon blasts causing power disruptions and disabling naval fleets. The scenario isn’t far from reality. EMPs are a very real threat, especially to naval fleets. EMPs can also be created from natural events such as lightning bolts, or from man-made EMP events from microwave weapons, both of which pose a severe threat to individual platforms and systems, but HEMP covers a large geographic area, threating all platforms and system therein simultaneously. This makes HEMP a special kind of EMP threat. Defense tech researches have been exploring ways to protect systems from EMPs and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Mike Vibbert, a disabled Vietnam veteran, was one such researcher who—in the backdrop of 1980s US-Russia cold war—worked to develop the means to protect naval ships and equipment from EMP and EMI. He helped developing Pulse Current Injection methods to test the vulnerability of electrical and electronic systems to EMP and EMI. To support the U.S. Navy in electromagnetic penetration testing and hardening of systems, Mike founded Electronics Service (E.S.) in 1986. Since then, the company offers a wide range of solutions to protect platforms, facilities and equipment against EMP and EMI.

“We provide our customers a one-stop-shop where we manufacture parts, repair, and test shipboard hardening devices and also design and fabricate custom parts based on the requirements provided by the clients.” says Mike. With extensive expertise in high-altitude electromagnetic pulse testing, E.S. offers solutions for protecting buildings, vessels, and equipment from unwanted interference, for both government and commercial entities. The company also executes other electromagnetic environment effects (E3) testing in a customized manner as well as builds newly engineered material. Travis Vibbert, VP of E.S., ensures that the E.S. team works through a projects logistical challenges to find specialized equipment required and also ensures that the test personnel and test systems deliver consistent performance.
Developing testing equipment for both civilians as well as military onsite research projects, the company also performs testing onsite and delivers reports on the findings and proposes solutions by processing data and analyzing the outcomes. Moreover, E.S. also implements repair solutions for damaged ships and infrastructure.

With over three decades of expertise in RDT&E operations, E.S. provides engineering and technical consultation for electronic platforms and systems to work hand in hand with Program management, field engineers, data personnel, and stakeholders. By implementing practical solutions and conducting hands-on testing, E.S. takes the unknowns out of the equation through sound project management, test conduct, data acquisition and analysis, and project administration. This enables organizations to stay mission capable and unharmed from EMP threats or any other electromagnetic disturbances. Additionally, E.S. has years of experience in maintaining and servicing testing capabilities and delivers services such as, planning, field mapping, experimental design and implementation, laboratory logistics, and reporting. The company’s research laboratory and safety services monitor and provide directions to ensure the safe and secure adherence of regulations and policies in laboratories. Since E.S. is a service-disabled veteran-owned business (SDVOB), the company leverages the knowledge and expertise of the defense industry which gives them a competitive advantage as they are well aware of the needs of both government and commercial sector.

Furthermore, the company believes that well-trained, competent, satisfied employees lead to better outcomes and thus follow the profit-sharing model. With such a holistic business model, E.S. has grown tremendously in the last few years. Looking ahead, the company is planning to introduce EMP/EMI maintenance services for Naval Fleets into its portfolio. E.S. is well aware of the problems with EMI, E.S. continually looks forward to protecting the mission commanders and the war fighters with comprehensive solutions. “Our approach of growth is to step into the space that is void and use our expertise to provide project management, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities that meet the need of our customers,” concludes Mike.

Electronics Service

Great Mills, MD

Mike Vibbert, Founder & President and Travis Vibbert, Vice President

Electronics Service (ES) is a company that provides consulting, testing, and repair services for Electronic systems. ES offers solutions for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection and shielding to both government and commercial entities and has over 35 years of experience in the research and development (R&D) process while interacting with the U.S. Military, logistics personnel, data personnel, and field engineers. ES can develop custom equipment to meet the needs of research projects at onsite locations across various military and civilian sites. Electronics Service is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 1986 by Mike Vibbert, a disabled Vietnam vet, with a mission to support the US Navy in electromagnetic penetration testing and hardening

Electronics Service