Elevondata: Smart Process Automation for your Business

Rohit Tandon, Founder & CEO
“Elevondata’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are fueling future business process landscape transformation through man and the machine collaboration,” says Rohit Tandon, Founder, and CEO, Elevondata.

Elevondata’s cost effective operating model recognizes RPA as not being the conventional rule-based automation that mimics employees,instead, it is about enterprises introducing end-to-end process coordination with organized bots. Company’s strong vision is to fuse intelligent automation with institutionalized procedures orchestrated across businesses to expand man-machine collaboration. The team at Elevondata continue to empower organizations with automated solutions that help them mature across the process automation lifecycle, beginning from rapid cost diminishing programs focused on customer-specific processes to intelligent environments that formalize business strategies. “Today, if you come upon an assembly line or production flow, you will see humans and robots working together as part of traditional manufacturing. The same thing is happening in software driven business processes or production environments - a rise of software bots,” says Manit Banga, RPA/ AI Practice Head at Elevondata.

Elevondata’s innovative and flexible RPA platform has industry wide solutions from insurance firms to benefits administrators, payment processors to investment management firms or retail distributors. In addition, since they are a global data services and solutions company,they understand the important components around change management, data integration, big data, data science and a good chunk of our team comes from BPO background lending its way to a well-rounded RPA development organization. As RPA solution providers, Elevondata partners with enterprises, helping in cost efficiencies and process optimization that upgrade productivity and reimagines processes to create intuitive systems.

Elevondata’s approach to intelligent automation is what sets it apart. It has two big data platforms-Audit Robotics Management (ARM) Platform and Elevondata Compliance Intelligence Management (ECIM).

The Audit Robotics Management (ARM) Platform provides innovation and profitability to enterprises with audit intelligence.
It enables real-time transaction analysis that ingests transactions from businesses, applying machine learning algorithms to identify inconsistent anti-patterns that should be indicated to an auditor actively. Operational interactions are also ensured as auditors review activities and assign inquiries to operational managers. ARM also permits audit consistency for standard and workflow-driven procedures, allowing internal auditors consistent application of audits across the globe and line of businesses. Also, audit reporting and analytics is ensured to extract meaningful information.

It provides a platform–ECIM for collaboration between globally spread compliance teams, producing simple visualizations. The latter, Elevondata Compliance Intelligence Management (ECIM), geared towards any regulation heavy industry at global scale, such as the pharmaceutical industry. It helps businesses keep up with the complex and changing regulations, reducing risks, cost of compliance, and resulting fines. Elevondata ingests data from various global regulatory bodies, converting all unstructured data into structured data.

A multibillion-dollar HRO organization benefited from the firm’s services. With hundred plus large corporate customers worldwide and with each of those corporate customers having over thousands of employees, there was a massive complication in managing all their benefit plans. From mutual funds to other types of investments, every day thousands of employees were ‘buying and selling’ various ‘investment vehicles’ provided by the HRO organization. Hence, it was impossible for all the data to be settled in a day, in fact at times the settlement could linger for years. Elevondata’s RPA solution acquired all information for the HRO organization and reconciled it on a daily basis without human interference.

Elevondata is now set to expand its global footprint after the capability build over the last several years. As part of this geo-scaling plan, Elevondata has recently set up an office in Dubai to serve the Middle East and Africa; it also set up a sales office in the UK to cater to Western Europe and another one in Ukraine. Besides, it aims at continually evolving their frameworks, expanding its marketing footprint and most importantly investing in its human resources. “We are cross-training our workforce across various domain expertise so that we can enable the scale that comes with geographic expansion,” concludes Tandon.


New York, NY

Rohit Tandon, Founder & CEO and Sanjiv Tandon, Founder and Director

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