Elipse Software: Utensils To Diminish Costs And For Better Business

CIO VendorRicardo Haetinger, President & Owner
Elipse Software, founded in 1986, is a global provider of Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS), SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human-Machine
Interfaces) for Building and Industrial AutomationProcesses.Headquartered in Porto Alegre, RS, Elipse Software, Brazilian industrial automation software producer, designs and sells software for HMI/SCADA projects and interfaces for many types of applications.

Elipse Software’s powerful software tools- for the manufacturing, process, energy, water, and infrastructure industriestransforms data into strategic information,thus helping reduce energy and operating costs, and therefore generating profits for the business.
‘Elipse 21’ was company’s first product and now Elipse Software procucts are installed across the globe. The products of the firm comprise of ‘Elipse 3’, HMI/SCADA platform for advanced and distributed applications, designed for critical mission applications and control centers and ‘Elipse Smart Metering’ that puts into practice several types of communication protocols with power meters and other utilities. ‘Elipse Plant Manager (EPM)’ and ‘Elipse Power’are the other two key products. EPM turns data into operational intelligence and Elipse Power’ focuses on electric power control and analysis.

Elipse software, the customer-focused company, is focused on creating new drivers, as well as several improvements and adaptations to the existing ones so that they can meet the needs of some special cases that require customized solutions. With the presence in the automation market for 25 years, Elipse delivers speed, efficiency and flexibility through an integrated software platform designed to ensure fast and precise communication with hundreds of devices, enabling robust critical systems operation.

Elipse Software

Porto Alegre, RS

Ricardo Haetinger, President & Owner

Designs and sells software for HMI/SCADA projects and interfaces for many types of applications