Elite Document Technology: Efficiently Navigating Cases through eDiscovery

Terry Reeves,CEO
As the legal industry traverses a global paradigm shift law firms are now striving to concentrate on the “practice of law” through streamlining their operations. The exorbitant amount of electronically stored information in modern litigation demands a strategic and systematic approach to organizing and analyzing data. “These days, even the first-year associates are coming into the legal environment without the expertise to manage data, work with databases, and apply analytics with technology,” Terry Reeves, CEO, Elite Document Technology. Having over a decade of experience in the legal space, Reeves founded Elite Document Technology to provide comprehensive eDiscovery solutions with an “analytical advantage” and thus enable litigation experts to gain actionable insights into their client’s case data. “We are continually educating not only the senior partners in the legal community but also the new associates. That is the only true method to assist them in achieving success.”

“Our analytic advantage allows our clients to make fully informed case strategy decisions by efficiently assessing their case data for identification of trends and communication patterns, key concepts, and critical documents,” says Reeves. This unique approach provides the ability to mitigate cost and exposure by assessing the data at the earliest stage, even prior to the filing of a case. Based in Dallas, Elite’s solutions enable its users (attorneys, investigators, corporations, and legal professionals) to reduce the volume of electronically stored information at each stage of the litigation lifecycle. Once Elite becomes engaged they provide a consultancy approach through an interview process to identify the objectives with the client data. Elite then helps to develop a strategy to enable the users to create their own playbook for successful document management and review.
Elite Document Technology is committed to delivering a complete case strategy. The company bridges the traditional gap between practicing attorneys and modern technology with its experienced and committed project managers and review analysts. “We assign a project manager and review analyst to every case to ensure that our clients are leveraging the analytic advantage effectively at each phase of the litigation lifecycle. By doing so, we have successfully developed strategies, unique to each case, to aid our clients in navigating the sometimes treacherous eDiscovery process,” articulates Reeves.

We assign a project manager and review analyst to every case to ensure that our clients are leveraging the analytic advantage effectively at each phase of the litigation lifecycle

The litigation support industry has changed dramatically over the years as a result of the massive volumes of information in each case that, at one time, would have been impossible to review. “For us, it is a combination of technology, experience, and good old fashioned brain power. We employ the best human capital in the business; licensed attorneys, private investigators, certified computer forensic examiners, litigation technology professionals, and long tenured industry veterans. We feel this sets us apart in this competitive market,” concludes Reeves.

Elite Document Technology

Dallas, Texas

Terry Reeves,CEO and Brent Beers, CCE, ACE, Kyle Moore, Director of Business Development

Provider of fully integrated eDiscovery technology solution, that collects data, conducts early case assessment, processes, reviews, and analysis data