ELO Digital Office: Efficient Management of Business Information

Szilvia Horvath, President and CEO
Enterprises today constantly look for efficient content management services that play a significant role in improving their overall business strategy by managing oceans of data. Founded as a spin-off from the Louis Leitz group in 1998, ELO Digital Office focuses on areas of electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow management, which covers the entire range of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). “We have optimized our ECM solutions to provide clients with better support for recording, managing, and using information with the goal of making them ready for the digital world,” says Szilvia Horvath, President and CEO of ELO Digital Office Corporation.

The ELO product family consists of three software packages—ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise. ELOoffice serves as an entry-level Document Management (DMS) solution for small businesses, while the ELOprofessional is aimed at medium-sized companies. ELOenterprise is a high-end, independent, highly scalable, as well as multi-client platform which is mainly utilized by the data centers and portals.

“ELO outshines its competitors with its ability to maintain numerous technological partnerships with software and hardware manufacturers including Microsoft. This helps guarantee close ties to the marketplace for products and solutions,” says Szilvia. Under the ISV Royalty Agreement with Microsoft, ELO integrates Microsoft licensed products into their business solutions. This form of synergy allows the firm to distribute a fully-licensed solution to end-users.

In addition, the company’s ELO Business Logic Provider (BLP) creates a powerful link between Microsoft Dynamics business solutions and ELO ECM platform, ensuring optimal support for business processes. ELO BLP is a middleware that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX, and provides companies with a solution suite to connect any third-party applications to ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise. With its easy-to-use interface, ELO BLP helps customers to file all kinds of business documents, to the ELO ECM system via central rule-based administration in ELO BLP.

We have optimized our ECM solutions to provide clients with better support for recording, managing, and using information, making them ready for the digital world

The central set of rules assures adherence to the organizational guidelines and also classification, naming, indexing, rights assignment, versioning, process control, and linking to the relevant business processes. This eliminates the need for complicated programming or implementing a number of separate interfaces.

Helping customers worldwide to better manage their business information, ELO discovered that email management is the key challenge that organizations, regardless of the size or industry face today. “When it comes to handling e-mails in a compliant and efficient manner, many companies still have a lot of catching up to do,” says Szilvia. There is often a lack of clear rules and mechanisms regarding compliance with the legal obligations for storing business e-mails. ELO Digital Office provides all the necessary functions to store emails according to legal requirements, while ensuring, that the information is available instantaneously, at any time through its intelligent search engine. “We offer ELOxc, server-based e-mail module for Microsoft EWS, a special package for email management, which integrates into Microsoft Outlook, and enables users to have an extensive document management functions right in their e-mail environment,” explains Szilvia.

“We are planning to expand and strengthen our solution portfolio across the world to provide our partner network and customers with high-quality professional service,” says Szilvia. To achieve this goal, ELO recently released of the newest version of the ELO ECM, which offers unlimited options for information management, including collaboration, workflows and modern user-interface.

ELO Digital Office

Boston, MA

Szilvia Horvath, President and CEO

The company develops high-performance software solutions in the areas of electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow management and covers the entire range of ECM

ELO Digital Office