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CIO VendorSteve Pollema, President
The advent of new communication channels is altering the depth and breadth of today’s customer experience ecosystem. This is giving consumers an opportunity to interact with businesses over multiple channels like emails, chat or social media. But there is a catch: The moment a customer uses social media to give his suggestions and opinions on a company’s offerings, the company is caught in a predicament. “The bigger challenges that companies face today has a lot to do with things that happen outside the contact center,” says Steve Pollema, President, eLoyalty, a part of TeleTech’s Customer Technology Services division. Headquartered at Austin, Texas, eLoyalty helps its clients deal with each of these real-time customer interactions by providing the power of ‘context’. eLoyalty’s capabilities, along with Cloud suite of products enable them to address today’s new reality, “which is not about single interaction, but about conversation,” adds Pollema.

With the goal to bring value to their clients beyond the statement of work, eLoyalty provides insight into their existing processes with the help of an experienced group of professionals. “We've got the same educational backgrounds as other firms but in general, our consultants have a decade or more of experience that comes along with the package,” explains Pollema. “This experience helps in providing solutions which enables our clients to generate a greater ROI than most of the firms who have a more traditional approach to consulting,” he adds.

Ease of Access of Customer’s Information

The proliferation of communication channels has resulted in high volume interactions for the companies which lead to data silos. “Companies want to have a concept around these interactions and have equal access to information across all the channels,” elucidates Ryan Swanger, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at eLoyalty. “We help companies define an operational playbook by providing an omni-channel interaction.” eLoyalty’s icStore provides a complete solution for stores, branches, and contact centers; effectively providing a single interface for customers across all contact channels. With this cross channel customer interface, icStore enables retailers to improve sales, reduce lost calls, and control multi-channel interactions. When a Fortune 500 fashion retailer desired an integrated contact center to replace its multiple discrete contact centers, eLoyalty implemented icStore for them. The solution enabled customer self-service through interactive voice recognition (IVR) with speech, as well as utilization of intelligent voice and email routing, and integrated email response management. The multi-channel application allowed agents to handle customer inquiries and requests through a variety of methods, including email and social media as well as by phone, reducing the total call volume. “eLoyalty’s icStore provided the means for the client to bring innovation and efficiency to its business model, allowing for improvements in the overall customer experience,” remarks Swanger.

eLoyalty became the first Cisco partner to be certified to offer Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) along with achieving Cisco Cloud Provider Certification and Cloud Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) designation

eLoyalty is a perfect partner for the companies that often struggle to gain a cohesive view of their customer experience approach. For example, a leading finance company was aiming to revamp their customer service to target a younger demographic across a myriad of communication channels. They found that their business strategy, which was providing exceptional customer experience, needed to be changed to adapt to the new communications world. eLoyalty understood the lack of cohesive view and helped the client establish an omni-channel environment. “We worked with them to define a five-year view and helped them realize the key moments of truth in their customer interactions,” delineates Swanger. Once those elements were defined, “we helped them with a solution based on people, strategy, and technology and assisted them with each of those areas to move from an ineffective environment to an omni-channel environment. Now, it’s really focused on the key moments where they build lasting relationships with the customer,” adds Swanger.

Leveraging Cloud Computing

“eLoyalty’s cloud solutions are a package of everything that a company needs to operate a leading-edge contact center,” explains Pollema, “on the other hand, eLoyalty’s Managed Services handles both the migration and the day-to-day support.”

With icCRM and Salesforce.com, our clients reduce costs, enhance agent productivity and effectiveness, and deliver consistent service across every channel

icPortal®, is a customizable, user-friendly interface that allows for the administration of contact center interactions, employees, and productivity, without having to wade through levels of navigation and IT. Having such a pre-integrated, quality solution in Cloud, “there is a faster time benefit in terms of implementation and re-configuring of the solution that drives towards quick outcomes,” adds Pollema.

The effectiveness of eLoyalty’s cloud solutions can be gauged from the fact that eLoyalty became the first certified Cisco partner to offer Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) along with achieving Cisco Cloud Provider Certification and Cloud Hosted Collaboration Solution designation. “Our exclusive cloud contact center solutions employ eLoyalty’s differentiated features that enhance the capability and flexibility of the Cisco platform,” adds Pollema. eLoyalty implemented Cisco’s powerful Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) software for one of the largest global commercial pest control companies to improve the operational efficiency of their core contact centers. The contact center was inefficient in handling excessive call traffic. The company was also facing integration issues with branches of a recently acquired company, where each branch has separate phone systems of their own. “Our solution was initially deployed in the acquired company, and then expanded to current branches. Currently, it is in operation at 300 branch locations with expansion to additional locations including the United Kingdom in the horizon,” explains Swanger. While the company had earlier planned to close 20 percent of branches upon acquisition, the increase in business after UCCE system implementation resulted in all branches remaining fully open and utilized.

CRM Integration

For companies that use salesforce.com to store front-end customer sales and marketing data, eLoyalty provides a powerful solution, icCRM—a salesforce.com Service Cloud bundle—that brings the benefit of post-sales data to contact center. “With icCRM the clients can close the circle and achieve an end-to-end view of customer interactions,” explains Pollema. It allows the clients to get to know their customers better, providing an exceptional experience at every touch point. “With icCRM and salesforce.com, our clients reduce costs, enhance agent productivity and effectiveness, and deliver consistent service across every channel,” says Pollema. Moreover, eLoyalty leverages data analytics to guide customers through the right questions that help them to properly qualify the right product for their customers. This analytics help steer the sales process across any type of interface in a company.

“Focus and client centricity is the secret sauce and a big enabler that gives eLoyalty an opportunity to work with industry leaders, right from government sector to medical companies to the fashion industry,” Pollema remarks. “We are embedding our technology into their best practices so that they can run the business smoothly, improve their processes, or enable new capabilities without having to alter their business,” Swanger adds. The company is planning to geographically expand its offerings to Asia, Middle East, and Mexico, all in collaboration with TeleTech and its sister companies. “We consider the rest of the world as opportunity in our near-term geographic expansion,” Pollema emphasizes.

In terms of solutions, eLoyalty’s core focus will be on data analytics and cloud computing. “Speech analytics is going to help create data sources that are rich in information,” explains Pollema, “and we are going to invest heavily on cloud to offer cost-effective contact center solutions.” eLoyalty also will continue to work towards providing solutions that increases collaboration between data, reduce friction access across technologies and in creation of personalized customer experience tools, which all translates into having an exceptional customer experience.


Austin, TX

Steve Pollema, President and Ryan Swanger, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing

eLoyalty, a part of TeleTech’s Customer Technology Services division, is a premier provider of business transformational solutions, assisting its clients to completely revolutionize the customer experience.