Elva DMS: Providing Panacea on Wheels

With the ever-growing change in the landscape of business, IT is facing non-stop challenges to design new features for the enhancements of different products. Elva DMS solution, headquartered in Riga, LV, is a company that provides solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that is tailored to car manufacturer’s requirements delivering varied functions to meet customer requirements.

Elva DMS covers wide range of functions that a vehicle sales and service organization requires, including vehicle sales, service management, service scheduler, spare part sales, time control, customer relations management and accounting management. The offered solutions has the ability to access the system from virtually any device that supports a web browser and is even fit for all vehicles whether it is a used or a new one.

Elva DMS additionally offers solutions like Service Management which includes regular technical maintenances, car owner information, service history, automatic spare part ordering and status tracking of spare part ordering.
Few other services include Service Schedule that makes entry of the client’s entire information, Spare Parts Trade for tracking and managing order, replacement, warrantee record for everyday operation, Vehicle Sales provides information on sales results and accounting of all sales operations and Vehicle CMR, for systematic overview of clients’ data base and helps to accomplish marketing campaigns. The solution is used by different brands like Volvo, Renault, Skoda and Bentley.

“With every new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Elva DMS becomes more advanced and provides greater functionality for our clients. Over time, functional requirements from our clients and prospects are only growing and our system grows with it, so the solution becomes more widespread and relevant to the latest trends of the industry,” says Raimond Dilsons, Director of Automotive Industry Solutions at Elva Baltic.

Elva DMS

Riga, LV

Raimond Dilsons, President

Provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for the manufacturing of cars