Embleema: Enabling Patient-Driven Medical Records

Robert Chu, Founder & CEO
People visit many doctors in the course of their lives. Each of these visits generates a discrete set of data points that create a medical record. However, owing to the data silos that continue to exist in healthcare organizations, sharing and distributing EMRs from one provider to another within different healthcare networks is almost an impossible task. The siloed structure of health systems has thus surfaced as a severe impediment to their optimal benefits, resulting in poor clinical outcomes, increased healthcare costs, and more importantly uninformed patients. Drawn by the need to address the situation, Embleema, an innovative healthcare technology firm has come to offer PatientTruth, a HIPAA compliant, cloud and blockchain based software solution, offering patients a comprehensive, consistent, tamper-proof, and longitudinal record of medical history.

With the existing EMRs’ inability to offer longitudinal information across care centers, PatientTruth has indeed arrived as a benefactor to healthcare providers carry out better informed health decisions. Developed to benefit the patients primarily, PatientTruth provides users with absolute control of their medical records. “Our solution empowers patients to choose which providers can see which part of the medical history and know exactly who accessed it and when,” states Robert Chu, Founder and CEO, Embleema.

What makes PatientTruth so impeccable is its mode of operation. When a user registers oneself on PatientTruth, the platform connects to the patient’s different care centers, requesting and ingesting their medical records using HL7 interfaces. In addition, the patients themselves can upload continuity of care documents (CCD) and edit the medical history according to their own volition, for which the patients are rewarded with cryptocurrencies as incentives. The collected documents are then indexed and organized into a coherent patient medical history and mined into the blockchain. Following which, the medical history is made duly accessible to any concerned entity based on the authorization of the patient. While it empowers providers with readily available access to valuable patient information, the platform provides healthcare IT professionals with tamper-proof, highly-available infrastructure for essential medical information.

The ingenious PatientTruth platform makes the medical history available through a patient interface, and as well as with APIs, enabling the patients to access them in a device agnostic fashion.

By empowering patients to fully own and control their medical information across the continuum of care, PatientTruth also creates a decentralized healthcare economy for the patients’ benefit

In addition, the transactions in PatientTruth are executed through open source, healthcare-specific smart contracts. With this, Embleema aims to develop standardized smart contracts for healthcare, aligning all the developers in the arena to optimize the benefits of blockchain in healthcare.

Although PatientTruth is not officially launched yet, Embleema has managed to successfully complete a working prototype of the platform. For instance, the company has worked closely with several players from the healthcare ecosystem that faced the problem of disparate medical records. On implementing PatientTruth, patients have peace of mind their health information is used in a fully controlled and appropriate manner, healthcare providers have essential clinical information allowing them the make the best treatment decisions for their patients, health networks and payers can improve their ability to keep their patients “in-network.”

The development of such an effective patient-driven solution can be attributed to Embleema’s team of highly experienced employees who not only possess excellent knowledge of technology but also hold high command over healthcare data. Moving ahead, Embleema looks forward to launching the first version of PatientTruth in the United States by November 2018 and its subsequent launch in Europe and China by the third quarter of 2019, 2020 respectively. Fueled by an ambition to grow, Embleema also intends to further the benefits of blockchain by leveraging the crucial data (based on patient’s authorization) for analysis and thus improving clinical and observational studies.


New York, NY

Robert Chu, Founder & CEO

An innovative healthcare technology firm offering comprehensive, consistent, tamper-proof, and longitudinal medical history through an ingenious, block-chain based platform, PatientTruth