eMDs: Healthcare Solutions Built By and For Physicians

Derek A. Pickell, CEO
“If I had to describe my relationship with eMDs in one phrase, it would be a ‘reliable business partner.’ I can count on eMDs to provide a solid, reliable backbone for our operations, both medical as well as financial,” says Eric Weidmann, MD of South Austin Medical Clinic. eMDs—a 20-year old healthcare solutions provider that was built and shaped by physicians for physicians—believes that in order to deliver quality healthcare to patients, physicians’ practices need to be healthy themselves, and consequently, the processes, technology, and services they utilize must be ‘healthy.’ To that end, eMDs is driven by a vision, which is to be the leading provider of ‘healthy’ solutions for healthy patients, practices, and resellers. Serving over 60,000 physicians in thousands of practices nationwide, eMDs provides integrated electronic health records (EHR), practice management software (PMS), revenue cycle management (RCM) and credentialing services for physician practices and large ambulatory healthcare enterprises.

We’re making the investments to open up our systems from an interoperability perspective to accept data and share it across the entire continuum of care

Finding their roots in the clinical world, the eMDs team understands that interoperable software that is easy to implement and use, adds true value to physicians. As a result, the company is able to attain superior customer satisfaction in a rather stagnant market, by providing key elements like ease of use, quality of technology, and valuable support through its solutions and services.“Despite an industry-wide trend toward lower customer satisfaction ratings, we have been able to show steady improvements over the past two years, with improvements as high as 41 percent annually,” says Derek A. Pickell, who joined eMDs as its CEO in early 2016.
Patrick Hall, EVP, Business Development
The company has also seen tremendous growth in terms of revenue as well as their customer base for the past two years—a direct result of its ongoing commitment to improving provider and patient satisfaction in healthcare, and focusing on the core areas that physicians value most.

eMDs believes that the healthcare industry today needs more than just EHR/EMR; it needs a comprehensive health record solution that run all areas of practices with a complete patient view, and friendly enough to use. The EHR solutions offered by eMDs utilize a terminology interface engine called the ‘Medicapedia’ that seamlessly captures data at the point of care, alleviating the onus of translating clinical terms to structured data. Moreover, eMDs has an upfront approach of making their connected systems highly interoperable.

“We’re making the investments to open up our systems from an interoperability perspective to accept data and share it across the entire continuum of care for the patients,” explains Patrick Hall, EVP of Business Development at eMDs.

Taking the best components of a proven EHR, PMS, and RCM solutions— including Practice Partner, Solution Series, Lytec, and Medisoft—eMDs has institutionalized a new industry best-of-breed EHR and practice management system in the recently unveiled eMDs Plus range of solutions. Retaining the best of award-winning existing solutions and taking advantage of newer technologies, Plus also features a true browser architecture that keeps the total cost of ownership low. More importantly, the Plus portfolio upholds eMDs’ vision of interoperability, utilizing best of breed direct and partner developed solutions, enabling healthcare providers to get a complete picture of their patients’ health by accessing and sharing health data across all providers and facilities with which the patients interact. In the backdrop of smaller ambulatory clinics struggling to keep up with the market pull of larger organizations, eMDs provides such practices with an all-round, competitive ability in both clinical and financial spheres, in an easy to use, supportive partner, and valuable manner.


Austin, TX

Derek A. Pickell, CEO and Patrick Hall, EVP, Business Development

A 20-year old provider of comprehensive integrated electronic health records, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions, and credentialing services for physician practices and enterprises