Emergent: Value-added Open Sources Integrator

Greg Christensen, President
With the rapid digitization and technological innovations, the federal, state and local governments are employing Business Intelligence (BI), and cloud computing to resolve their complex business specific challenges. Helping organizations attain this goal is Emergent, an open source systems integrator that resolves the complex business and mission-critical challenges on behalf of the federal, state, and local governments. Emergent holds close partnership with Red Hat to provide custom solutions, alongside end-to-end guidance and support. Emergent has developed its expertise in the areas of BI, cloud computing, security, and open source to help businesses tackle their problems. “Open source is a core focus in our business strategy and it is very important that we showcase the best Red Hat solutions available to solve the unique challenges of our public sector customers,” says Greg Christensen, President, Emergent.

Emergent’s mission has always been to continuously evolve by upgrading their product portfolio in association with Red Hat. Each of the Emergents’ solutions is thoroughly evaluated based on the requirements and needs of the customers. Further, the solutions’ technical performance is constantly assessed when they are deployed into the customer’s environment and modified according to their needs.

Emergent’s primarily offers OpenShift’s auto scaling cloud application platform which is built mainly for the Intelligence Community (IC). Emergent enables the use of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to deliver a streamlined solution that is focused on application delivery, scal-ability and control of the infrastructure. OpenShift delivers the velocity, and scalability of cloud computing and allows the IC to meet with their growing load demands quickly. The firm’s integration with Red Hat has helped the IC to equip OpenShift PaaS on both a private cloud and a FedRAMP certified cloud for mission focused applications, thus enabling for higher performance and cost effective operations. Emergents’ OpenShift’s auto scaling cloud application platform also allows developers to launch new ideas while it simultaneously handles the provisioning, security, and scalability functions.

Open source is a core focus in our business strategy and it is very important that we showcase the best Red Hat solutions available to solve the unique challenges of our public sector customers

In addition, the company also specializes in delivering consulting services through its consulting team which comprises of Red Hat certified experts, possessing the requisite industry experience. The firms’ consultants help the customers in every stage of deployment and deliver customized solutions for cloud management. Emergent Consulting team also helps the customers leverage Red Hat’s full Cloud Suite, in order to build a custom Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployment based on Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat CloudForms, and Ansible. The team also helps customers to migrate their existing applications and workloads to a robust Red Hat based cloud deployment.

Emergent consulting team in partnership with Red Hat also implements DevOps into the enterprise environments to manage application lifecycle. The consulting team firstly assesses the customer’s delivery environment, then outlines DevOps efficiencies, and introduces OpenShift to improvise their application lifecycle management.

To ensure a rapid upward growth trajectory, Emergent is looking to widen their global geographical customer base. The firm also plans to leverage opportunities that can steer the company to the global platform by extending their product portfolio in new open source software, cloud computing and other technologies with Red Hat. “Our team's commitment to continuous Red Hat improvement has created a championship culture and fuels ability to deliver the right people, technologies and integrated solutions that are driving our sustained success,” concludes Christensen


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Greg Christensen, President

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